The Second Law of Thermodynamics

Since heat is one of the most common forms of energy in the Universe, and since its action can be seen on bodies everywhere, the science of thermo-dynamics (heat-motion) received very early development in physics.

Entropy is a mathematical measure of disorder. This means that any work in the Universe results in a net increase in disorder in the Universe, so that if the Universe is left untouched, it will eventually reach the state of maximum disorder, a state of death known as the Entropy Death. Read more

Abiogenesis — Where is the Evidence?

It has been great contributing posts on this blog. It has also been great to interact with a number of people who do not subscribe to the creation model of the Universe. However, within a short period of time it has become clear that most of them have not done their homework.

According to the Law of Biogenesis, life comes only from preexisting life. This is a firmly established law of science, and never has an exception ever been documented in any area of science. The aseptic practices in surgical theaters, pasteurization, and every other method to keep micro-organisms from spreading is based upon the law of biogenesis. Read more

Building Theological Castles

Last time I gave three key terms (doctrine, theology, and world view) with an analogy (a brick, a wall, and a castle) to help you think about them. Today, I want to show you three different methods to building castles.

The first method is called Historical Theology. This looks at Christian doctrines down through the ages, how they have been formulated and developed over the past two millennia. It will include studying the thought of famous theologians like Augustine, Aquinas, Luther, Calvin, and Barth, etc. One disadvantage of this approach is it presupposes you already have some background knowledge of scripture. Without this background knowledge this method can be like building a castle without blueprints – you are likely to miss large sections of load-bearing walls, and have to demolish and rebuild continually as you discover more. Read more

Disappointed Again !!

When I wrote to the effect that Abiogenesis (genesis of living thins from the nonliving) is not a fact of science, many anti-creationist visitors of this blog asked me to read certain books. They claimed that these books demonstrated how abiogenesis was possible in the face of the second law of thermodynamics.

I Felt Cheated. Then all of them said that I should read “Frontiers of Complexity” and that is exactly what I have been doing among other things. Surely this a good book, a very good book at that, but again it does not address the issue my friends claim as addressed. Read more

"Christian Fundamentalist Terrorism" and the Logic of Murder

Few public health issues are as deeply divisive as the issue of abortion. Even for Christians, the debate can often be considered too contentious or morally complex to be worth the entanglement. But for those who are pro-life, the issue is clear and the debate turns on one question: is the embryo a member of the human family? Advocates of pro-life argue that – even apart from religious commitments –  the unborn can be recognized as distinct, living and whole human organisms with inherent moral worth (see Matt Flannagan’s recent discussion of abortion and the inconsistency of political liberalism). It is, however, one thing to argue that the killing of embryos and fetuses for the benefit of others is egregious, but it is quite another to perpetrate violence in the name of protesting abortion. Read more

Wilberforce Forum – Intelligent Design and Darwinism

MP3 Interview with leading Intelligent Design proponent Dr. Stephen Meyer here.

“The inaugural radio Forum will be Sunday, May 30, 2009 featuring Dr. Stephen C. Meyer, Director and Senior Fellow of the Center for Renewal of Science and Culture, the Discovery Institute, Seattle, Washington. He demonstrates that the digital code imbedded in DNA points to a designing intelligence and brings into focus an issue that Darwin did not address.”