The Atheistic Argument from Evolution

It is a common taunt among combative non-theists (henceforth called atheists) that evolution, because it is a well-established scientific fact, somehow provides positive proof that God does not exist. God, as the title of the evolutionary zoologist Richard Dawkin’s book proclaims, is a delusion. If this is so it then follows that belief in God is the same as belief in Santa Clause, which directly opposes our best scientific knowledge. Read more

What do Christians mean by substitutionary atonement?

In this video, Pastor Douglas Wilson looks at what Christians mean when they say that Jesus died in our place.

[vimeo 14689160]

Understanding the life of Jesus and what it means for us

In this video, Pastor Tim Keller talks about the story of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark and the cosmic, historical, and personal implications for each of us.

[youtube 1o6nxKhbbF8]

How can God be loving yet send people to hell?

New Testament Research Professor Don Carson discusses the doctrine of eternal punishment and whether this is compatible with a God of love.

John Lennox coming to New Zealand (Updated)

Next month, John Lennox will be visiting New Zealand for a speaking tour. Here are the public events that have been confirmed:

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Mondayizing Waitangi Day and Anzac Day

Last night I saw the Campbell Live article on TV3 asking the question should Anzac Day and Waitangi Day be Monday-ized? This year features the unfortunate coincidence that both of these holidays fall on a Saturday, thus NZ workers miss out on what would otherwise be a day off. Read more