Two free Christchurch Events

We are pleased to announce the following two events coming up in Christchurch:

7:00-9:00pm – THURSDAY 23rd February 2017

Why Thinking Matters to our Kids

Engaging Teens

A practical four part strategy to get our kids engaging culture through worldview and apologetics

by Rodney Lake

Why is Christian Apologetics so important in the discipleship of our kids?  Why are so many of our young Christians not sharing their faith with others – or even walking away altogether?  In this talk Rodney examines the role apologetics and worldview training has in preparing our kids for adulthood and presents a practical four part strategy for getting them intellectually engaged in their faith and culture.

Recommended for Parents, Youth Leaders, Christian Educators and Home-schoolers.


7:00-9:00pm – FRIDAY 24th February 2017­­­­­

Two Presentations on Science and God:

Science and God

The Scientific and Philosophical Evidence for the Existence of God

by Rodney Lake

Everything that begins to exist has a cause – including the universe itself.  So is there any scientific or philosophical evidence for a creator as a cause of the universe?  In this presentation Rodney examines the nature of the first cause and looks at the evidence a divine supernatural agent was at work.

What does Science have to say about God?

by Bruce Fraser

Rising from the dead, miraculous healing and angels are worlds apart from equations, composite materials and silicon chips – yet still so many people cling to faith. Is it possible for someone who values science to embrace belief in God or is science crafting God’s coffin?


WHERE: Rutland Street Church, 12 Rutland St, St Albans, Christchurch

COST: Free – no registration necessary


Rodney LakeRodney Lake is the National Director of Thinking Matters NZ Foundation and speaks at churches, youth groups, and Christian schools on the reasons why Christianity is true. He is an adjunct apologetics lecturer at Faith Bible College and teaches ‘Introduction to Christianity’ courses at Bethlehem College.

Bruce FraserBruce Fraser is a Software Architect and technology evangelist who is passionate about seeing people love God with their whole heart, mind, soul and strength, and communicating the Great News of Jesus to those hostile to Christianity

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