John Norsworthy

John Norsworthy

Thinking Matters Board Member



John has taught in secondary and primary schools, and in the tertiary sector, Bible colleges and teacher education for over 45 years and is a board member for Thinking Matters NZ.  He has served on curriculum committees and professional development in both the state and Christian sectors and served as secretary to the NZ Association for Christian Schools for twenty years. He has authored the books, Why Culture Matters, a Biblical approach to things cultural, Educating our Children Faithfully, a history of the NZ Christian School movement, and Why Science Matters. which is about the topic of this evening’s talk and discussion. He currently is an adjunct lecturer at Faith Bible College, NZ and is passionate about the influence of the biblical revelation on all areas of human life.

Talk Topics
  • Christian Education
  • Science

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Mark Maney

Mark Maney

Minister of St Andrews Presbyterian Church, Mount Maunganui

Tauranga, Bay of Plenty


Mark has had a passion for apologetics since he became a Christian 17 years ago. This is due to his belief that being like Jesus means knowing, loving, and living the truth. Engaging in the marketplace of ideas is a key part of discerning truth in our world, and apologetics is a beautiful pathway through that marketplace. Mark is also an engaging speaker, having won the 2016 Toastmasters National Humorous Speech contest. Mark did his undergrad (Religion & Theology) at Taylor University College in Edmonton, Canada and his graduate studies (Cross Cultural Studies & Apologetics) at Trinity Western University in Vancouver (Langley), Canada. He is the recently ordained Minister at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Mt Maunganui

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Jason Knapp

Jason Knapp

Jason Knapp

National Youth Director, Thinking Matters



Jason is our new National Youth Director – charged with connecting with and training Youth Pastors – while also seeing our Unshaken Youth & Young Adults Conference grow into Auckland, Christchurch and Tauranga.

Talk Topics

He is a student of Psychology and Philosophy and specialises in speaking to young people on cultural and apologetics issues such as:

  • Purpose & meaning
  • Humanism
  • Postmodernism
  • Atheism
  • Moral relativism
  • Sexuality & Gender
Talk Style

He brings fresh, dynamic, relevant, and insightful messages that are suitable for youth, young adults, and adult audiences alike.

Jason Knapp

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Rodney Lake

Rodney Lake

Rodney Lake

Rodney Lake

Rodney Lake is the National Director of Thinking Matters NZ Foundation, a national Christian apologetics ministry that encourages Christians to know the reasons why we believe what we believe. Rodney speaks at churches, youth groups, conferences and to non-believers at outreach events around the country on the reasons why Christianity is true. He teaches staff, parents and youth at various Christian schools, and is an adjunct apologetics lecturer at Faith Bible College and Bethlehem Tertiary Institute. He teaches regular ‘Introduction to Christianity’ courses to parents at Bethlehem College and serves on the board of Bethlehem College Limited.

He is passionate about seeing people loving and seeking God with all their mind, developing a resilient faith that is supported with solid reasons to believe, while confidently and graciously sharing that faith with others.


“Rodney Lake is one of those rare individuals who can communicate the core truths of the Gospel to a lost world in a thoughtful way while still being accessible and fun. He’s certain to be a hit for any church service or youth event. I recommend him highly.”  – Lenny Esposito, President – Come Reason Ministries

“Rodney did a wonderful job, and the feedback from our church was excellent. He spoke clearly, and illustrated his points well.” – David Dishroon, Senior Pastor – Changepoint Church Tauranga

“Brilliant. Rodney was enthusiastic, very well informed and able to bring so much information to the class. Really got us thinking and helped us prepare answers for people who ask questions about God and Christianity.” – Student (anonymous) – Faith Bible College

“Rodney was articulate, interesting and very informative with excellent content and delivery. Very sensitively handled.”– Conference Feedback (anonymous) – Confident Christianity Conference

Rodney Speaking


Feel free to contact any of the following pastors & ministry leaders who have hosted me as a speaker at their church, school or ministry event – for a reference:

  • Ps David Dishroon – Changepoint Church, Tauranga
  • Ps Alan Hood – City Church, Tauranga
  • Dave Mann – Shining Lights Trust & The Hope Project
  • Des Short – Principal, Faith Bible College
  • Eoin Crosbie – Principal, Bethlehem College, Tauranga
  • Rev Simon McLeay – St Peters in the City, Tauranga
  • Rev Ian Pittendreigh – Bethlehem Community Church, Tauranga
  • Ps Sam Bayly – O2 Church, Tauranga

Teaching Topics

The following are talks Rodney has given to youth groups, churches, Christian schools, conferences and at outreach events to non-believers. Rodney can deliver a single talk, or teach a series that builds a cumulative case for Christianity that includes a mix and match of any of the following talks:

Why Thinking Matters: the Importance of Apologetics in the Church

In this talk Rodney gives an introduction to apologetics and the growing need for Christians to be better prepared to give clear and gracious reasons for our faith. He highlights the first great commandment and the need for us to seek God with our minds, as much as our heart, soul and strength.

True for You, But Not for Me: Are Religious Truths True for Everyone?

In this talk Rodney examines the nature of truth and highlights two different kinds of claims: Universal Truth that is true for everyone, and Personal Truth based on your own preferences and personal beliefs. Then we examine religions claims about God and Jesus and ask: are such claims Universal or Personal; are they just true for me, or; is there something much deeper going on?

Is Jesus the Only Way? What About All the Other Religions in the World?

Jesus claimed to be the only way – but how can only one religion be true when there are so many beliefs out there?  What about those who are truly sincere in their religious beliefs – are they going to hell?  Isn’t it intolerant to think others are wrong?  Don’t all paths lead to God?  In this talk we dismantle ten of the most common claims we hear that suggest all religions are equally true – and show just how important the question of truth really is.

True for You But Not for Me. How Can There be Only One Way?

NOTE: This is a shorter combined version of the two above talks

Jesus Christ claimed to be the only way to God – yet we live in a society where multiculturalism, diversity and tolerance are highly esteemed and necessary for a peaceful civilisation. So, is it possible for one religion to be true?  Are there really many paths to God?  What does it mean to be tolerant of other religions?  In this presentation we examine the difference between subjective and objective truth, while look deeper at the nature of religious truth claims – in particular the claim that Jesus is the only path.

Science and God: Is There Scientific Evidence for the Existence of God?

Everything that begins to exist has a cause – including the universe itself.  Is there any scientific or philosophical evidence for a creator as a cause of the Big Bang?  In this presentation we examine the nature of the Big Bang and look at the evidence a divine supernatural cause was at work.  We’ll also examine how the original purpose of science as a way of understanding the natural world around us has become distorted, resulting in biased outcomes in scientific enquiry that unnecessarily exclude the possibility of God.

The Power of a Question: Creating Conversations that Matter

Do you sometimes find yourself intimidated in conversations about your Christian faith and values? Do you let opportunities slip by because you don’t know what to say? In this talk you’ll be equipped with two simple questions you can use in your conversations about God and faith with others. You’ll come away more confident to engage others in friendly conversation and be better prepared to present Christ in an intelligent, yet gracious way.

A Misunderstood Theory: Understanding the limitations and implications of the theory of Evolution

In this talk Rodney outlines the misconceptions about what evolution is and the power it has to create new organisms. He attempts to bring some clarity to a theory that is often wrongly used to explain things it’s not capable of explaining. He then highlights some of the problems in the theory of evolution and examines the very disturbing consequences that must be accepted if the theory is actually true.

What is Christianity? An introduction to the basic beliefs of the Christian Faith

This presentation is for those who want to learn about who Jesus Christ is and just what Christians’ believe.  We cover some of the central beliefs of the faith and why we believe them – including topics such as God, Jesus, Heaven, Hell, Sin & Salvation.  We finish by explaining what the Bible and the Church is and why we need them.  Come and learn the basics and ask your deepest questions about the Christian faith.

Why Thinking Matters to our Kids: A practical four part strategy to get our kids engaging with worldview and apologetics

Why is apologetics so important in the discipleship of our kids?  Why are so many of our young Christians not sharing their faith with others – or even walking away altogether?  In this talk Rodney will examine the role apologetics and worldview training has in preparing our kids for adulthood and presents a practical four part strategy for getting them intellectually engaged in their faith and culture.  This talk is suitable for parents, youth leaders, Christian educators and homeschoolers.

Other talks under development

The following talks will be available soon.  Please talk with Rodney if any of these interest you:

Is God Good?  Why would a loving God allow so much suffering in the world?
If God is perfectly good – he would want to stop all evil.  If God is all powerful – he would be able to stop all evil.  Yet we still see and experience horrific evil in our lives and the world around us.  Could God have reasons for allowing evil and suffering?  Do those reasons make any sense in the midst of our own suffering?
Can the Bible be trusted?  What is the Bible and where did it come from?
What is the Christian Bible?  Who wrote it and who decided what should be in it?  The Christian Scriptures have been used for several thousand years by Christians all over the world to inform and guide them in all matters of life.  But what evidence is there that these ancient writings are reliable, true and should be taken seriously?
The not so new Atheists: Christianity under attack
An introduction to some of the anti-Christian ideas that are gaining in popularity through the emergence of the New Atheist movement; where we are no longer merely mistaken in our beliefs, but rather are now accused of being dangerous.  Rodney counters this claim by highlighting Christianity’s real record of goodness and influence throughout history.

Planned talks yet to be started:

Right and Wrong: What is moral relativism? Who gets to decide what’s right and wrong?

God among us: The historical evidence for the miraculous life and claims of Jesus.

Naturalism: How bias has distorted science to avoid the inescapable God conclusion.

Post-modernism: An empty philosophy according to the traditions of man.

Where did life come from?  An introduction to the theory of Intelligent Design.

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