What is Mining for Truth

Mining for Truth is a monthly Thinking Matters gathering held in Hamilton which seeks to deepen people’s understanding and awareness of various Christian issues and culturally relevant topics discussed from a biblical worldview.

Every month, we invite a guest speaker to present on a given topic with periodic breaks in their talk to encourage discussion both with the speaker and those around you.  The point of this is to allow you to soak up the information you just heard, process it with your neighbors, and perhaps even challenge others with a different point of view.


Our Big Little Points trilogy continues THIS SATURDAY (April 7) where Matthew Flannagan discusses abortion:

Pro-Life Then and Now
Is Historic Christian Opposition to Foeticide Defensible?

(Part two of our Big Little Points trilogy)

Historically, Christian theologians and ethicists have agreed that killing a foetus is wrong … that foeticide is homicide, and is furthermore forbidden by divine law.

Fast-forward to the mid-20th century, where that consensus faces a wave of questioning. Permissive attitudes towards abortion become more widespread. Today, Christians sometimes struggle to know what to think about this.

Matthew Flannagan will present the case as to why the historic Christian position is still sound today, responding to leading arguments given to justify abortion.

Dr Matthew FlannaganDr Matthew Flannagan (Ph.D.) is immersed in theology, philosophy and ethics, whether teaching at St Peter’s College in Auckland, participating in local and international events, or writing articles and chapters in edited books.? Some of his most recent work has been on the ethics of killing. He co-authored (with Paul Copan) Did God Really Command Genocide?: Coming to Terms with the Justice of God.

WHAT: Seminar and discussion
WHEN: Saturday 7th April – THIS WEEKEND!
TIME: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm (meeting begins at 7:00 pm sharp)
WHERE: Lady Goodfellow Chapel, Gate One, Knighton Rd, Hillcrest, Hamilton 3216. To get to the venue, please drive through Gate One on Knighton Road. Parking is available at the car park in front of the chapel.
RSVP: Not needed – just turn up
COST: Free – but koha (donation) welcome
FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/MiningforTruth/
FOR MORE INFO CONTACT: irene.zhang@thinkingmatters.org.nz





COST: Free – but a Koha for the speaker is encouraged

RSVP: None needed – just turn up and bring a friend!


Irene Zhang

EMAIL: irene.zhang@thinkingmatters.org.nz

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