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What is The Forge?

The Forge is a monthly Thinking Matters gathering held in Auckland (Greenlane Christian Centre) which seeks to deepen people’s understanding and awareness of various Christian issues and culturally relevant topics discussed from a biblical worldview.

Every month, we invite a guest speaker to present on a given topic with periodic breaks in their talk to encourage discussion both with the speaker and those around you.  The point of this is to allow you to soak up the information you just heard, process it with your neighbors, and perhaps even challenge others with a different point of view.

A forge is a place where a blacksmith “makes or shapes an object by heating it in a fire or furnace and hammers it to create something strong, enduring and successful”.  This definition is what our vision was built on. Our desire is for these interactive events to be a place where messy and difficult topics can be cleaned up, re-shaped, and smoothed out to help uncover God’s beautiful designs in this crazy world.

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Belief in miracles is foundational to Christianity, for the entire faith hinges on the supernatural resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. However, ever since the enlightenment and the critiques of David Hume, belief in miracles has fallen on hard times.

Miracles are said to violate inviolable laws, and since they are not open to scientific investigation, they cannot be objectively verified. For this reason, you’re always more rational to believe miracles do not happen in light of nature’s extensive track record.

So how are Christians to respond? Do extraordinary claims really require extraordinary evidence?

About Dan Paterson

Based out of Brisbane, Dan Paterson is a pastor and itinerant speaker for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. He speaks in churches, schools and universities on how the gospel connects to life’s biggest questions and provides answers to the popular objections to the Christian faith. He has a bachelors and masters degree in ministry and theology, and is a graduate of the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. 

Dan is in New Zealand as the keynote speaker at the Tauranga Confident Christianity Conference and is in Auckland for this one event while in the country.


WHEN: One Wednesday per Month (typically the first Wednesday – but exceptions happen depending on speaker availability)

TIME: 7 pm – 9 pm

WHERE: Greenlane Christian Centre, 17 Marewa Rd, Greenlane, Auckland

COST: Free – but a Koha for the speaker is encouraged

RSVP: None needed – just turn up and bring a friend!


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PHONE: 0225257837

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