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What is The Forge?

The Forge is a monthly Thinking Matters Auckland gathering held at Greenlane Christian Centre which seeks to deepen people’s understanding and awareness of various Christian issues and culturally relevant topics discussed from a biblical worldview.

Every month, we invite a guest speaker to present on a given topic with periodic breaks in their talk to encourage discussion both with the speaker and those around you.  The point of this is to allow you to soak up the information you just heard, process it with your neighbors, and perhaps even challenge others with a different point of view.

A forge is a place where a blacksmith “makes or shapes an object by heating it in a fire or furnace and hammers it to create something strong, enduring and successful”.  This definition is what our vision was built on. Our desire is for these interactive events to be a place where messy and difficult topics can be cleaned up, re-shaped, and smoothed out to help uncover God’s beautiful designs in this crazy world. 

WHEN: The first Wednesday of each month (with some exceptions)
TIME: 7 pm – 9 pm
WHERE: Greenlane Christian Centre, 17 Marewa Rd, Greenlane, Auckland
COST: Free – but a Koha for the speaker is encouraged
RSVP: None needed – just turn up and bring a friend!The Forge Logo

Next Event – Wednesday 6th December

Faith, Truth, and Tolerance
Mutually exclusive ideas, or an inseparable trio?

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Todd Funk – Director at Harbourside Church

Todd FunkDo Christians have good reasons for what they believe? Do other religions? Do atheists? Or are we all just hoping with blind faith that what makes us feel good is also somehow true? And where does the new definition of tolerance fit in with so many different world views and opinions?

At our final Forge event of the year, Todd will lead discussions on three separate, yet codependent, topics: Truth, Faith, and Tolerance. He will endeavor to answer the questions above along with many more that radically effect how we live our lives and interact with the culture around us. Add in his characteristic humor and fantastic communication style, and we’re all in for a great night!

Todd Funk is the Director of Men’s Ministry at Harbourside Church and has a passion for communicating. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California Irvine, and is constantly in search of knowledge and truth. With a decade’s worth of experience as a high school science teacher coupled with years of experience at youth camps, preaching, and leading weekly Bible-in-School programs, he is a developed communicator who knows how to engage diverse audiences.


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