First Post!

As of 10.30 pm on Saturday, June 14 (New Zealand Daylight Savings Time of course), Thinking Matters is officially up and running. Although there are still tweaks to be made with the look of the site, all the major coding and design is done, and all the most troublesome kinks have been ironed out. All that remains now is to flesh out some of the navigation pages, and start posting. With any luck we’ll have a few blog articles coming in shortly, and by month’s end you can expect to see issue 1 of volume 1 of the Thinking Matters Journal.

We had hoped to have the journal ready for full publication on June 18 to coincide with the launch of Thinking Matters Tauranga, but we really wanted to include an interview with William Lane Craig in the first issue, and we’ll only be catching up with him at the Tauranga launch. So we’ve decided to take a bit of extra time to polish everything up nice and shiny, and release it at the end of the month. (I expect this will be the trend for the journal—month’s end somehow just seems like a good time to bring out new issues.)

My grateful thanks to everyone who has helped to get Thinking Matters up and running. Although it has been rather grueling, it has also been very heartening to see how God has directed what was originally a neat idea between two friends to become something real and useful. It has been particularly gratifying to see how Rodney in Tauranga has developed and initiated the study group over there. This has given us something to focus around in the future, and we eventually hope to have many such groups running throughout New Zealand.

With that in mind, let me reiterate that we’re always looking for contributors. You don’t necessarily need to write; there are many ways in which you can help. If you’re interested in lending a hand, please do email myself or Jason Kumar by clicking the ‘Contact’ link up the top.