Thinking Matters volume 1, issue 1

The first issue of the Thinking Matters Journal will be published at the end of June. The theme for our inaugural edition is “Introducing Apologetics”. We’ll focus on what apologetics is, what it involves, and why it’s important. We’ll also briefly cover the various apologetic approaches, and expand on these in the next issue.

You can subscribe to the journal RSS feed so as to receive the first issue as soon as it’s released. Each issue will also be available in PDF format, and at the end of every June from 2009 we’ll be releasing a hardcopy compendium of the year’s articles, which can be purchased through Lulu.

If you’re interested in contributing to Thinking Matters, don’t be shy. Check out our information page for prospective contributors, and if it sounds like you, contact us.

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  1. Bnonn
    Bnonn says:

    Hi Robert; thanks for the interest. At this point we don’t have any definite dates fixed, as we are all pretty busy, and obviously work is progressing on development of the new site(s). We don’t want to rush release, so we’re taking a “It’s ready when it’s ready” approach. That said, it’ll be before Christmas :)


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