NZ Preaching Conference

Towards a Kiwi-Made Preaching

I heard today that there has recently been a large preaching conference held in Auckland, NZ. I am informed that about 200 people attended.

Here is the guy who I think may have organized it:

Check out a picture of the brochure here.

The registration form is at this address (MS Word format).

Here is some info from their website:

So Langham Partnership New Zealand is sponsoring a forum on April 18th which we’ve called Towards a Kiwi-made Preaching. More than 25 experienced and emerging preachers will provoke us with questions from their own wrestling with preaching in this NZ context. We are so grateful for the commitment of people like Mark Strom (Laidlaw), Murray Robertson (Spreydon Baptist), Lynne Baab (University of Otago), Nigel Pollock (TSCF), and Bishop Winston Halapua (Anglican). But there are a whole bunch of up-and-comers as well. It will be a fabulous and unashamed talkfest. Then at the end of the day there will be an optional session where we will ask ‘what is the Spirit saying?’ about some sort of ongoing focus on preaching in NZ.

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  1. Tim Hodge
    Tim Hodge says:

    Hi Rob

    Yep, it was Paul Windsor (recently of Carey College, now of Langham) who organised it. And it was very, very good.
    Lol re 1000 people, not so – a very full venue, but more like a few hundred than a thousand.
    In terms of not knowing – always an issue. I’d suggest you sign up for updates here: This was the first preaching conference of its type in NZ and Langham will probably catalyse more.
    It was advertised in several of the networks i’m a part of.
    If you ring Langham they can give you handouts for all the many seminars (well worth it).



  2. Rob
    Rob says:

    Thanks 4 the update Tim. I have been in contact with Paul about it. The number was apparently 200, not 1000, so I will amend the post above. Thanks!

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