100 Christian Apologists up @ Apologetics 315

Congrats Brian, what an awesome job.  Let’s hope and pray that we can increase that number 10-fold through your work at Apologetics 315, and ours here at Thinking Matters!

Check it out here…


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  1. Johnson
    Johnson says:

    I took a bit of time to go through the list, and am pleased to note that a good number of apologists are covered in the list.

    The actual number might be ten to twenty times that, but this is a good beginning.

    Thanks for mentioning that list here

  2. Rob
    Rob says:

    I’m sure you are right Johnson. Was Thinking Matters on there? What about the Tauranga, Manawatu and Wellington groups? Let’s keep pushing forward and raising the profiles of as many of these ministries as we can :-)

  3. Johnson
    Johnson says:


    I think we need to compile and post a more comprehensive list here. Maybe in 5 to 10 installments.

    Since I already have a book on Bible Believing Scientists (Malayalam language, 2 editions) which is a bestseller in India, I can do such a list if you like the idea.

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