New audio from 2009 Apologetics Symposium

New Reformation Press has just made available the lectures from an Apologetics Symposium that was hosted earlier this year at the Zion Lutheran Church. The Symposium was focused on introducing the task of apologetics and offering a defense of the historcity and truthfulness of the Scriptures. The lectures were conducted by Rod Rosenbladt, a professor of theology at Concordia University and co-host of the radio program “The White Horse Inn”, and Craig Parton, a trial lawyer and US director of the International Academy of Apologetics, Evangelism, and Human Rights. Both are strongly influenced by the great apologetist, John Warick Montgomery, and use the evidentiary approach of a court room in their defense of Christianity.

The six sessions are being offered as a set for $9.99 but you listen now to the first two foundational lectures for free.

The lecture titles:

  1. Why Defend the Faith at All? – Craig Parton
  2. Intro to Apologetics – Rod Rosenbladt
  3. Historical – Legal Apologetics – Craig Parton
  4. What Non Christians Ask – Rod Rosenbladt
  5. Islam, Cults and the New Age – Craig Parton
  6. A Lutheran Defense of the Biblical Gospel – Rod Rosenbladt
  7. Q and A – Rosenbladt and Parton