Initiating conversations about the Gospel

Author and pastor at Summit Church in North Carolina, J.D. Greear has written a post talking about how to share Christ with others in everyday conversations. There isn’t an easy formula for witnessing and we must remember that the Holy Spirit goes where He wishes (John 3:8) but Greear does offer some good practical tips. Not all will carry over to a New Zealand context and I’d argue for a greater role for apologetics when encountering a “happy pagan”, but there is still plenty that is useful.

Here are some of his points:

– Look for subtle metaphors to bring in spiritual things.
– Build relationships. People respond less positively to strangers.
– Ask people how you can pray for them.
– Invite people to your church.
– Guide the conversation according to the acronym FIRE:  Family, Interests, Religion, Evangelism.
– People don’t like to be preached to, but they do like to be asked their opinions, and they do like to hear your story.
– Pray.
– Don’t underestimate the power of a consistently kind and joyful life.

Read the whole thing here.

(HT: Justin Taylor)