Has origin-of-life research reached an impasse?

That’s exactly what John Horgan suggests. Writing for Scientific American, the science journalist argues that, twenty years since he first wrote about the topic, atheistic explanations have not moved any closer to establishing how life first emerged.

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  1. Stuart
    Stuart says:

    Pity about the last paragraph…

    Creationists are no doubt thrilled that origin-of-life research has reached such an impasse […], but they shouldn't be. Their explanations suffer from the same flaw: What created the divine Creator? . . .

    a sophomoric philosophical blunder.

  2. Jason
    Jason says:


    "Whatever begins to exist has a cause.

    The universe/life/whatever began to exist.

    Therefore the universe/life/whatever has a cause."

    Atheistic response. "But what about God, what causes him to exist."

    Theist… "…" facepalm.

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