James Anderson on the Transcendental Argument

For those who are interested in the merits of the transcendental argument for the existence of God (also known as TAG), James Anderson has posted an interesting article “No Dilemma for the Proponent of the Transcendental Argument: A Response to David Reiter” on his site. The essay, which will appear in the summer issue of Philosophia Christi, is a response to Reiter’s claim that the transcendental argument is either insufficient or superfluous.

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  1. Furkay
    Furkay says:

    So here’s something I’ve been woniredng, is the purpose of apologetics evangelism? It seems like a great many apologists are attempting to build a rationalistic case for why the unbeliever should become a Christian. It seems to me that maybe you are saying something more along the lines of unpacking and more deeply understanding what one has already believed (Jesus is Lord) through revelation. Is that a fair assessment?

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