Ten Reasons for Pro-Life Optimism

Trevin Wax offers ten reasons why those of us who believe unborn children deserve human rights can be encouraged:

10. Recent Polls
9. Abortion’s Treatment on Television and in Movies
8. The Revulsion to Sex-Selection Abortion
7. The Exposing of Planned Parenthood’s Corruption
6. Planned Parenthood’s Recent Talking Points
5. Abortion as a “Tragic Choice”
4. Young People
3. Ultrasound Technology and Pregnancy Support Centers
2. The Third Wave
1. God Hears

Read the whole post and his explanation of each point here.

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  1. Alan Collins
    Alan Collins says:

    I like the take on Whoopi Goldbergs comments on the tragic choice. Nearly avery pro choicer I have debated with has come to the rape argument rather too quickly. They unwittingly show that abortion is evil by the fact that they have to dig up 'greater evils' to justify its use.

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