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  1. Stuart McEwing
    Stuart McEwing says:

    What would be offensive is if it tasted disgusting. Or if it was priced too highly.

    We have to maintain some perspective. Is a dodgy Easter ad campaign more offensive to God than legalized prostitution and the killing of unborn children? I doubt it.

    Thats right, I think.

    Also, I think Hell pizza's motives might be less than pure. I've heard rumors that they might have anti-Christian ideological reasons, but I don't care if they are or not. Pizza is pizza, even if the devil makes it.

  2. Bnonn Tennant
    Bnonn Tennant says:

    Heh, honestly, this campaign works into Christian hands. Jesus is a limited time offer, and people need to be reminded of that. It is an urgent issue. If you leave it too late, then it really is too late. Hell couldn't have come up with a better campaign for us if it had tried.

  3. Tony
    Tony says:

    Yes I agree with Bnonn, use it to make a comment that you have a choice to make, Hell and Satans Pentagram, or Heaven with Jesus for eternity, and yes it is for a limited time, while you are still alive.

  4. Kerin Gedge
    Kerin Gedge says:

    I understand what your saying. I guess the thing that threw me about this ad was the unique position I found myself in last night when as a projectionist for a busy Auckland based cinema I was required to put this ad onto two features. After praying about it I told my boss that I could not be responsible for placing this ad and left it for my non-Christian colleague to do. The end result was a surprising amount of respect from my employer. I still think its worth going to the complaints authority for though, I don’t think Christians should be push overs.

  5. D Bnonn Tennant
    D Bnonn Tennant says:

    Kerin, well done. A lot of Christians wouldn’t have that kind of conviction. And I agree that the ad should be taken to the complaints authority; that is certainly the proper course of action. But in the meantime, let’s use it to our advantage.

  6. A not so ofended Christian
    A not so ofended Christian says:

    Too say that an advertising agency might spend a week developing a billboard campaign but not think it through to its full extent is a little naive.

    “Hell came up with a good marketing idea, and were simply too clueless to recognize how it would be offensive to many of their own customers.”

    I don’t think adverts get made will nilly. I think the offense in this ad is quite the opposite to what you suggest. Hell knows the full extent of what they are saying.

    To say some one is dead its not very offensive itself. The offense is more a result of Hell challenging Christians rights not to become the victim of satire. Its is more “how dare they have a go” rather than ” are they aloud to say that”.

    Whatever the outcome i believe that this ad aims to be controversial over disrespectful, and that its has created a platform for discussion for both Hell and the Christan faith.

  7. Stuart McEwing
    Stuart McEwing says:

    In the main, I agree.

    Accept I don’t think Christians have the right to not become victims of satire. If they did, then why isn’t this a right for everyone? Why isn’t satire illegal?

    I agree here: Its is more “how dare they have a go,” rather than “are they aloud to say that.”

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