Why Should we Read the Old Testament, and How? Iain Provan in Auckland

Regent College’s Iain Provan will be in Auckland next month. Compass have organised for him to give a talk on the topic: ‘Why Should we Read the Old Testament, and How?’ on Monday 4 July, 7pm to 9pm at Greenlane Christian Centre, 17 Marewa Road, Greenlane, Auckland.

The Blurb from Compass’ website:

“Why read the Old Testament? What relevance could this old collection of books have for us today? And how should we read it? How do we approach this text from a very different time and culture?

Iain will be exploring these questions, drawing on his many years of teaching, study and wrestling with these ancient texts. He will give special attention to the book of Jonah as an example of why we should read the Old Testament and how we should do it.”

“Iain Provan is Marshall Sheppard Professor of Biblical Studies at Regent College, Vancouver, Canada. He is an accomplished Biblical scholar, writer of numerous books and articles, including commentaries on Lamentations, 1 and 2 Kings, Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs, as well as co-author of A Biblical History of Israel. Iain is an ordained minister of the Church of Scotland and was born and educated in the UK. He has taught at universities in England, Wales, Scotland, and most recently Canada.”

Please rsvp your attendance for catering purposes by visiting Compass or using Facebook.

Iain Provan’s will be speaking at a number of New Zealand events see his upcoming speaking engagements page here for more details.

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