Byran Bruce’s “Jesus: The Cold Case”

Mark Keown and Glenn Peoples have written comprehensive reviews of Bryan Bruce’s TV documentary Jesus: The Cold Case.

In summary, it is an unbalanced pseudo-investigation, which relies not on evidence but the unsupported speculations of liberal and biased so-called authority figures.

Glenn’s review is particularly damning. He concludes:

What’s worse is the knowledge of the way that wide eye, impressed viewers will see this. Here’s a person who’s willing to ask “hard questions.” What a breath of fresh air! Never mind that it’s the same stale air that has been circulating on sceptical websites and religious studies departments for years. Look, he’s got scholars backing him up! Never mind any of the published responses to those scholars, Bruce can rest easy in the knowledge that his audience won’t even have read them.

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  1. Bnonn
    Bnonn says:

    Strobel was an atheist who started investigating the historical evidence in order to debunk Christianity, and came to faith because it had the opposite effect. Bryan Bruce is a non-believer who wrote a book and made a film in order, one supposes, to get ratings. Where exactly is the mirror? In La-La Land?

  2. simong
    simong says:

    I have read Strobel’s The Case For Christ. It was perhaps the most blindly biased thing I have read.

    Also, Strobel was just after ratings too.

  3. Bnonn
    Bnonn says:

    Simon, if you’re going to post inflammatory remarks without substantiating arguments, I’m not going to approve your comments any longer.

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