Should Christians Still Give Out Tracts?

Given the recent legal controversy over Christians passing out tracts at events, Christianity Today asks a group of pastors and evangelists if tracts, flyers, and street evangelism are still effective ways of bringing people to Christ.

I found Bob Roberts’ answer to contain the most common sense:

“Yes, if it isn’t distracting from the event. Yes, if it is done with respect to the person and culture that they come from, being sensitive to the differences. Yes, if it’s done with kindness to the person you are attempting to share with, passing out a lot of smiles. Yes, if you respect their wish not to listen to you. Yes, if you approach it as humbly, gently, and broken over the eternal destinies of people. No, if you are loud, arrogant, and aggressive in the way you come across. No, if you don’t genuinely love the people you are sharing with. No, if you haven’t bothered trying to understand their point of view and aren’t willing to listen to them. No, if you are not practically serving them in some way to show the love of Jesus. No, if all you want to do is preach.”

Read the other opinions here.

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  1. James
    James says:

    I once heard a comedian say, “Handing out flyers is a lot like telling that person, ‘Here, you throw this away.'” :)

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