Audio: Trent Dougherty on Faith and Reason in a Broken World

Last month, we had the privilege of hosting Christian Philosopher Trent Dougherty in Tauranga for two events on the problem of evil. Here is the audio from those talks:

[pk_icon_link icon=”download” icon_type=”dark”]Part 1: Faith & Reason in the face of Evil and Suffering[/pk_icon_link]

Does faith make sense given the horrendous evil we see in the world around us?  In this lecture, Trent offers guidelines for the integration of faith and reason and how to think about the problem of evil and suffering.

[pk_icon_link icon=”download” icon_type=”dark”]Part 2: Exposing Atheistic Naturalism’s Answer to Evil[/pk_icon_link]

Atheists claim that naturalism (the view that only matter, energy and time exist – with no God intervening from the outside) gives a better explanation of suffering in the world.  In this talk, Trent shows that naturalism’s attempt to answer the problem of evil and suffering backfires at every turn.

Special thanks to Rodney Lake for the audio and Brian Auten for helping us to host the files.

Trent Dougherty is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Baylor University.  He has a PhD in Philosophy of Religion, Epistemology and Probability Theory from the University of Rochester and an MA in Philosophy from the University of Missouri-Columbia.  He has published articles and book reviews in many journals including Religious Studies Review, Notre Dame Philosophical Review, Philosophia Christi and many others. He is also the editor of recently published book, Evidentialism and its Discontents.

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