Paul Helm on Philosophical Theology

Credo Magazine has a helpful interview with Paul Helm on the nature of philosophical theology and its purpose in the life of the church.

Here’s an excerpt:

[pk_box width=”600″ align=”center”]“Is Philosophical Theology important for the church today? Why?”

“It’s important that those who have responsibilities in the church should reflect on what they say, link it to the great Christian tradition of the relationship between church and culture. Otherwise we make mistakes, we unintentionally might talk nonsense. (‘At the Cross, God died’; ‘I prayed so hard, and God changed his mind’.) We need to know what our message means, and also what it does not mean. This requires continuous Bible study and theological reflection, but we also need to reflect on our theology. Theology is not just a game, but a serious business. For all these tasks some understanding of philosophical theology can help.”[/pk_box]

Read the whole thing here.

Source: Paul Manata and Patrick Chan

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