180: The Good and the Not-So-Good

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Produced by Living Waters, 180 is a documentary showing Ray Comfort talking to people about the issue of abortion. By comparing the destruction of the unborn to the Holocaust, Comfort shows the inconsistency of supporting abortion while opposing the the Nazi’s extermination of 6 million Jews during World War II.

In a post at the Life Training Institute Blog, Pro-life apologist Scott Klusendorf offers his thoughts on the film:

What the documentary gets right:

1. The film casts the abortion issue as a human rights issue.
2. The film correctly states that moral conclusions (i.e., abortion is wrong) should impact how we vote.
3. The film correctly states that discussions about abortion often lead to larger (theological) questions about human sinfulness and the gospel as the remedy.
4. The film challenges the fear of engaging unbelievers.

What the documentary neglects:

1. The distinction between people in the film (Venice Beach?) and the public at large.
2. The distinction between shouting a conclusion and establishing one.
3. The distinction between killing a “baby” and unjustly killing human beings.
4. The distinction between voting for pro-life candidates and voting pro-life.
5. The distinction between intentional killing and killing that is merely foreseen.

Read the post for his explanation of each point.

Update: Justin Taylor also offers a careful analysis of the documentary that is worth reading.

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  1. Lee
    Lee says:

    Thanks for the post. I particularly appreciated Justin’s comments on the film.

    What do you guys think of Comfort’s “Mirror of the Ten Commandments” evangelism approach? Would you recommend it in NZ?

  2. Stuart
    Stuart says:

    I recommend any and all evangelism techniques in NZ – anywhere really. What matters is that Christ is preached (Phil 1). What I would caution against is advocating any particular evanelistic technique is a one-size-fits-all solution. What I would encourage is the diversification of ones evangelistic arsenal. People are different and situations vary, so learn many different approaches and ask God for the zeal and discernment to know which one to utilise. :-)

  3. Tom White
    Tom White says:

    I’ve used them. I think they’re OK, but perhaps don’t gp deep enough.
    In this world you have two kinds of people: those who are spiritually dead and live life that way, and those who are spiritually alive and live life another way.
    Those who are spiritually dead have a twofold problem: one of a bad record, and one of a bad nature. They are this way from birth; hence the need to be born-again.
    Ray Comfort is heavily focused on the bad record aspect of this problem, and in my opinion doesn’t adequately understand the underlying cause.
    This is why he comes up with plain heretical teachings like it being possible for anyone to be saved.

  4. Lee
    Lee says:


    Interesting comment. Quick question – I’m assuming we both agree that only God can rescue us – do you think that there are some who are too hopelessly lost for God to save?

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