Religion Answers the Factual Questions Science Neglects

A good article by Keith Ward.

HT: Scot McKnight

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  1. Peterpieman
    Peterpieman says:

    This is an interesting article. One point though:

    “But not all facts are scientific facts – the claim that I was in Oxford
    last night, unseen by anyone, will occur in no scientific paper, but it
    is a hard fact. So it is with the miracles of Jesus, with the creation of the cosmos and with its end……….The interesting question is not whether religion is compatible with
    science, but whether there are important factual questions – and some
    important non-factual questions, too, such as moral ones – with which
    the physical sciences do not usually deal.”

    The claim that gravity still occurred last night on top of Ayers Rock will not appear in any journal either, but it is still a hard fact – as we use the word ‘fact’. In fact(!) it is far more likely that gravity happened on Ayers Rock than it is that this Author was in Oxford, because we know how insanely reliable gravity is, and how unreliable personal accounts or claims are.
    The issue is really about HOW we can know things. I would suggest that where there are a multitude of answers, we have overstepped.

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