The Great Debate: Is the Resurrection of Jesus Fact or Fiction?

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be hosting a debate on the historicity of the resurrection here at the blog. The debate will take place between Malcolm Trevena and regular TM contributor Stuart McEwing. Stuart will be arguing in the affirmative and defending the resurrection, while Malcolm will take the negative position and argue against its historicity.

Here is the format for the debate:

1) Stuart’s opening statement.
2) Malcolm’s opening statement.
3) Stuart’s first response.
4) Malcolm’s first response.
5) Stuart’s second response.
6) Malcolm’s second response.
7) Stuart’s third response.
8) Malcolm’s third response.
9) Stuart’s closing statement.
10) Malcolm’s closing statement.

To assure the debate’s momentum, we’re hoping that responses will be posted no later than five days. I’ll be updating this post with links to all the statements/responses. Please note that comments to the initial posts will be closed. We realize this may be frustrating for some who wish to chime in immediately, but we feel it will keep the participants from being overwhelmed by outside comments during the course of the debate. We’ll open up the closing statements to comments and discussion.

If true, the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead separates Christianity from all mere religion. It is, therefore, a question worth discussing and debating over. On it, hangs not just the truth of Christianity, but hope for every human being. We look forward to a lively and fruitful exchange.

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