Auckland Event: Introduction to Apologetics

This year I have been running a beginners course on introductory apologetics. By popular demand, I am running this again during the next school term beginning Tuesday, 30 July. There are no course fees. Your only expense is the course textbook.

All are welcome, even those who are sceptical about Christianity. Each lesson can be understood by itself so feel free to come to any night that interests you. However, to get the full benefit and see the cumulative case develop attending all in order is recommended.

[pk_info_box width=”0″] What: Introduction to Apologetics: defending the faith with reason and evidence

When: Tuesdays, 7pm (beginning on 30 July, 2013

WhereEncounter Christian Centre 495 Rosebank Road Avondale New Zealand [/pk_info_box]

The apostle Paul, writing about the necessary qualifications for a minister of the gospel, says “He must hold firmly to the trustworthy message as it has been taught, so that he can encourage others by sound doctrine and refute those who oppose it.” (Titus 1:9). It’s not enough to merely explain what Christianity is, Paul argues that it must also be defended. Apologetics is exactly this – providing a rational defence for the Christian truth-claims.

Over ten weeks, we’ll examine topics like the evidence for God’s existence, Jesus’ resurrection, why God allows suffering, the reliability of the Bible, and how to stand true to Gospel in a world that doesn’t trust religious perspectives anymore. If you have ever wanted to connect your head with your heart or sharpen your evangelistic witness, this course can help you.

[pk_quote width=”500″ align=”center” cite=” – Constant, New Zealand”] Whether you are a novice or have some experience in apologetics already, you will certainly benefit from doing this course. The course establishes the basis for why we do apologetics and then provides a skeleton framework for apologetics that you will be able to draw on in your own thinking. You will have questions answered, new questions uncovered, and you will discover new disciplines that will tickle the imagination. It is a friendly and safe environment where you can ask the hard questions you’ve always had. I highly recommend this course to evangelists, new Christians, and anyone who wants to go deeper in their faith. [/pk_quote]

Course Overview:

30 July
01: Getting Started:
What is apologetics and why is it necessary?

6 Aug
02: Standing for Truth:
How do we declare the Gospel in todays world?

13 Aug
03: Cosmic Evidence:
For a Creator of the Universe

20 Aug
04: Design Evidence:
For a Fine-tuner of the Universe

27 Aug
05: Moral Evidence:
Does the universe need a Moral-lawgiver?

3 Sept
06: Historical Evidence Part I:
Who did Jesus believe he was?

10 Sept
07: Historical Evidence Part II:
Did Jesus rise from the dead?

17 Sept
08: Deliver us from Evil:
Can God a evil co-exist?

24 Sept
09: The Scandal of Particularism:
Is Jesus the Only Way?

1 Oct
10: By the Book:
Is the Bible a reliable guide to knowing God?

Course textbook:


On Guard: defending the faith with Reason and Precision

This is available at Manna bookstores, the which has free shipping and usually arrives within 7 days. The first three chapters are viewable online as a google book. And the kindle edition is also available for about NZ$9.