The Preconditions of Evangelism


Our church is currently doing a class on evangelism and we recently worked through some of the things necessary to keep in mind when sharing our faith. It was a useful talk and especially relevant to what we do as apologists (maybe even more so).


1. Love must be our primary motivator.

  • Remember that God is the Primary Evangelist and His motive is Love.
  • We have received His love and it should fill and direct us.
  • Love, care, and compassion should be our motivation to share the Gospel and explain Christianity to those who are perishing.

2. Remember our own need for the Gospel

3. We need to actually know and have confidence in the Gospel.

4. Remember that one size does not fit all.

Compare the way Jesus deals with people in John 3:1-15, John 4:7-26, and Mark 10:17-22. Compare the way Paul talks with others in Acts 13:13-42 with Acts 17:16-34.

5. Prayer is not important – it’s essential.

Since God is the real evangelist we must depend on him for every aspect of a person’s coming to know Him.

For other talks in the series go here.

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