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Alvin Plantinga on Air Conditioning and Counterfactuals

Some may think that philosophers and theologians are academics in ivory towers who have little to do with the affairs of men. However, some philosophers are also quite handy, so much so that they are called on as witnesses by the media. An example of this is Alvin Plantinga, a world-class philosopher and apologist, who was consulted regarding the level of education one needs to have to be qualified to service Air Conditioning units. According to the news report:

“I mean, you gotta be, like I say, you gotta have a Ph.D. in engineering just to use your thermostat,” said Alvin Plantinga, whose air conditioning unit stopped working. “And that seems over the top to me.”

He rounded off the news piece by making a counterfactual truth claim, saying that his current situation (of hot weather and a failed AC) would be much much worse if the temperature was a great deal lower:

You know, there are worse things. I mean if it were like say ten below zero, that would be worse.

This article was written in the spirit of the online publication The Babylon Bee, your trusted source for christian news satire.

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