Auckland Apologetics Course by Mark Powell at Carey College

Carey College is running this a 15 week long course hosted by Mark Powell

Carey CollegeApologetics: Gain confidence in what you believe and why you believe it

Christianity is seen by many today as weird and incomprehensible – but is that true? The human condition, human experience, basic intuitions, history, science and reason all point to the truth of Christianity. Join Mark Powell as he helps equip students with a holistic contemporary apologetic which shows why we have good reason to believe what we say we believe.


• Reality and knowledge: What is real and how do we know it?
• Post-Christian World: Modernism and Post-modernism
• Creation, cause & design and evolution
• Immaterial realities and how we know them
• Moral/ethical knowledge and obligation
• The reliability and trustworthiness of scripture
• The case for the resurrection
• The problem of evil
• Controversial historical claims & contemporary issues

Be equipped to have better conversations, ask better questions and to share answers with gentleness and respect.

Mark PowellMARK POWELL – Lecturer

Mark is a Professional Company Director and “CEO in Resident” at Massey Business School and was the CEO of the Warehouse Group. A Carey graduate, Mark completed a Bachelor of Applied Theology and Diploma in Pastoral Leadership and is now a visiting Lecturer and member of the Carey Board. He has recently completed a Masters in Christian Apologetics from Biola University, California and has a passion for wanting to help Christians have a confident faith, where they know not just what they believe, but why they believe it.

WHEN: Tuesday nights from 18th July to 25 October

TIME: 6:30-9:30pm

COST: $740 (for credit – as part of further study)

OR: $300 (for audit – you don’t need to do the assignments, but you earn no credits)  – Administration fees additional

REGISTER or MORE INFO: Email  or visit

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  1. ancil peters
    ancil peters says:

    Good afternoon

    My name is Dr. Ancil Peters, from Trinidad and Tobago. I am the President of the Moral and Ethical Institute of Trinidad and Tobago. I am present a student at the Ravi Zacharias’ Academy pursing Apologetics which I completed two days ago. I have a great passion for this field and I believe that the body of Christ needs to come into a greater understanding of its role and responsibility in defending the Faith.

    My vision is to set up an Apologetic centre in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean where we can offer training and host conferences to both equip the body of Christ and bring about transformation. I will love to partner with your organization in offering your training programs and the possibility of networking with you. Your porgrams and training materials can be offered here since its very new to the Caribbean. Is it possible I can get an appointment to speak with you via telephone at any time at your convenience? You can email me at or 868-485-1835.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Dr. Ancil Peters

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