Articles of Belief

The Bible

  • We affirm the sole authority of the Bible as God’s revelation to humanity, verbally inspired and fully truthful in all that it conveys.
  • We affirm that Scripture is therefore reliable and sufficient as a test against which all doctrine and Christian behaviour must be measured.
  • We deny that the Bible is corrupted by the sin of the human authors, that it functions merely as a human interpretation or response to God’s revelatory events, and that the Holy Spirit ever speaks contrary to what is in the Bible.


  • We affirm the objectivity of truth, that it can be known, and that it is vitally important for the church’s witness to a God who has revealed Himself in history and through language.
  • We deny that language is incapable of rendering objective truths about the extralingustic world, and that meaning is only a social construction.


  • We affirm that God is personal, self-existent, omnipotent, infinite, timeless, perfect and unchanging in all His attributes. We also affirm God as creator and sustainer of the universe, both transcendent and immanent in his relationship to creation, knowing perfectly all things, including events yet future.
  • We affirm the supremacy of God over all things, in both the created order and in the salvation of His people, and that he alone is worthy to receive all glory and adoration. He sovereignly rules over all things and providentially brings about his eternal good purposes to redeem and restore, and to bring about the greatest glory to his own name.
  • We deny that God’s absoluteness is limited in any way, or that He has self-limited His knowledge or power in His activity with humanity.

The Trinity

  • We affirm that there is one God and that He eternally exists as three persons: the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit, each of the same substance, equal in power and glory.
  • We affirm that God is reliable in His revelation of Himself and that His salvific operations with humanity faithfully express His essential, ontological nature.
  • We deny that the Trinity can be understood in merely economic or temporal categories and that God’s self-disclosure of Himself is any way contradictory, misleading, or irrelevant.

Jesus Christ

  • We affirm Jesus to be the eternal, pre-existent Son of the Godhead, both fully divine and fully human from the incarnation and evermore.
  • We affirm that Christ was born of a virgin and lived a sinless, perfect life that culminated in his death and burial, vindicated in his bodily resurrection as the Son of God and victor over sin and death.
  • We affirm Christ’s position as author and head of the church in which believers come to be coheirs of the kingdom of God and benefactors of His covenantal promises.
  • We deny that either aspect of his two natures can be minimalised, and that the Christ of faith can be separated from the historical events of Christ’s life, death and resurrection.


  • We affirm that our restoration from the bondage of sin and deliverance from God’s just and holy wrath is solely the generous initiative of God Himself.
  • We affirm that the gospel is wholly a gift of unmerited favour and represents God’s sovereign purpose to save us by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.
  • We deny that the procurement and preservation of our salvation is a product of human effort, or that God’s grace as necessary and efficient in our redemption can be neglected without nullifying the gospel.


  • We affirm that our salvation is accomplished completely in Christ’s substitutionary death on the cross as a propitiation for God’s righteous anger and judgment against sinners.
  • We affirm that what humanity could not do was achieved by Christ, and that salvation is only given to those who truly believe and confess him as their Saviour and Lord.
  • We deny that salvation can be found in any other name, that our reconciliation with the Father can be claimed apart from conscious belief in Christ and his saving work, and that the gospel can be heralded without Christ as our sin-bearing substitute at its heart.


  • We affirm that we are justified through faith alone and that this justification is the imputation of Christ’s righteousness to believers.
  • We affirm that God’s justifying decree to pardon the sinner secures their adoption into God’s covenantal community. This effects their sanctification through the purifying work of the Holy Spirit, which is a necessary expression of faith in the believer.
  • We deny that justification can depend on any merit to be found in us, or that there is any gospel other than Christ’s standing in our place and God imputing our sin to him and his righteousness to us.


  • We affirm the church as the body of Christ: the congregation of those called to worship together in spirit and truth, and to the authentic display of the presence and glory of God.
  • We affirm that all Christians are also called to service within the church and are commissioned to herald the gospel to all nations; both in proclamation, and in lives that exhibit grace and holiness.
  • We deny that any Christian can be a faithful disciple apart from the fellowship, teaching and service of a church.
  • We deny that allegiance to the church can ever eclipse the importance and primacy of the gospel.

Future Hope

  • We affirm our sure and confident hope in the eschatalogical promise of God to bring about final justice and restoration to the fallen world, and to unite all of His redeemed people in Christ.
  • We affirm the future visible return of Christ, the resurrection of the dead, and the final judgment of all. We further affirm that Christ will establish a new heaven and a new earth and install His comprehensive rule over every dominion, in fulfillment of the Father’s gracious purpose, for the glory of God.
  • We deny any rejection of heaven and the new earth as the places where all true believers will enjoy fellowship with God.
  • We deny any rejection of hell as the place of eternal punishment for those who have not consciously believed in Christ.