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Is Scientism Fundamentally Flawed? Part 1

Have you come across the word scientism before? If you have, or even if you have not, you will have been exposed to strong views and opinions that have scientism at their core. Perhaps you have encountered statements such as “the only truth we can know is discovered through science” or, “science has proven God doesn’t exist”? These have scientism at their heart. Despite holding influence in today’s culture, scientism is deeply flawed as a worldview.

A Christian Response to Eco-anxiety

While it is good to be grieved at the destruction of our natural world, it is never good to be anxious.  The Scriptures are replete with passages exhorting us to stand firm and not succumb to fear. So, how should Christians respond to our ecological crisis, and the eco-anxiety it often causes?

Seven Questions that Define Your World, Part 2

Christianity has answers for the big questions of life, such as ‘why we are here?’, ‘what is real?’, and ‘what happens after death?’. In this article we will take a deeper look at the Christian faith, and how it answers questions such as these.


Coronavirus, Show-Stopper or Conversation Starter?

While death is universal, the way different people think of it is worldviews apart. As Christians, we have a certain perspective on death and hope. But how does this worldview affect ourselves and our conversations in the current coronavirus climate?

Man with Face Mask

COVID-19 and the Problem of Evil

As Covid-19 spreads around the planet, religious people everywhere will be asking themselves the same question. If the universe is supervised by a loving God, why are such horrible things allowed to happen? After all, if God is all-powerful, he could stop a pandemic; and if he is all-good, he would surely want to. Our unease is only intensified as places of worship worldwide are shut down. The religious suddenly find themselves unable to seek God in the way they believe He has commanded them to—and at precisely the time they need Him the most.