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Edward Feser reviews A Universe From Nothing

“The bulk of the book is devoted to exploring how the energy present in otherwise empty space, together with the laws of physics, might have given rise to the universe as it exists today. This is at first treated as if it were highly relevant to the question of how the universe might have come […]

Ravi Zacharias at UPenn Open Forum

Ravi Zacharias recently spoke to students and faculty at the University of Pennsylvania. The topic of the forum was “Is Truth Real? A Conversation on Science, Ethics, and Philosophy”. Ravi was joined for the Q and A with Nabeel Qureshi.

Auckland Conference: Science and Faith with Dr C. John Collins

Much of Western culture assumes that science and faith are foes, that faith and scientific naiveté go hand in hand, and that science has disproved the Bible and made faith irrelevant if not completely indefensible and undesirable. Come and hear Dr. C. John Collins explain why faith and science are actually friends, how good faith […]

Stand To Reason’s New Website

The folks at Stand to Reason have launched a crisp new website for their apologetic ministry:  http://www.str.org/ You can also register to stream their anniversary conference (speakers include Greg Koukl, J.P. Moreland, Sean McDowell, Brett Kunkle, Mary Jo Sharp and more) here.

Christian Morality and the Problem of the Old Testament Wars

Holy War in the Bible: Christian Morality and an Old Testament Problem comes out next month. Edited by Heath A Thomas, Jeremy Evans, and Paul Copan, the book offers a constructive response to the issue of divine judgment and religious violence by drawing upon biblical, ethical, philosophical and theological insights. We’re excited to see the […]

Auckland Event: Advance 2013

We are excited to be hosting Dr Glenn Peoples in a couple of locations around the upper North Island this month. We’ll be posting more details about the full tour soon but for now here’s some info on an Auckland conference he’ll be speaking at. Advance 2013: Exploring the Tough Questions about Christianity with Glenn […]