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Christian Morality and the Problem of the Old Testament Wars

Holy War in the Bible: Christian Morality and an Old Testament Problem comes out next month. Edited by Heath A Thomas, Jeremy Evans, and Paul Copan, the book offers a constructive response to the issue of divine judgment and religious violence by drawing upon biblical, ethical, philosophical and theological insights. We’re excited to see the […]

Auckland Event: Advance 2013

We are excited to be hosting Dr Glenn Peoples in a couple of locations around the upper North Island this month. We’ll be posting more details about the full tour soon but for now here’s some info on an Auckland conference he’ll be speaking at. Advance 2013: Exploring the Tough Questions about Christianity with Glenn […]

Faith and Evidence

Zachary Arden, in a guest post at the Kiwifruit Blog, discusses the role of evidence and faith: Faith is primarily trust in God. Saving faith is not just correct doctrinal belief (for, as James notes, even the demons have this), but requires what I think of as ‘a volitional shift’ towards God. For a fallen […]

Auckland Event: Why Defend Christianity? with Matt Flannagan

The Christian faith seems increasingly at odds with those in the world around us. From the media, to skeptical teachers and unbelieving peers, the gospel seems irrelevant and out of date. How do we talk to others about God and the Bible? Can we really argue people into the kingdom of God? Or should we […]

Did Jesus Believe in Divine Punishment?

Paul Copan reviews Eric Seibert’s The Violence of Scripture: Overcoming the Old Testament’s Troubling Legacy: [pk_box width=”690″ align=”center” text_align=”left”] “In OT prophetic fashion, Jesus regularly issues denouncements and threats of judgment. He routinely pronounces temporal judgment on Jerusalem, which would come at the hands of Rome in AD 70. He also assumes Sodom, Tyre, and […]

Sean McDowell and Michael Shermer talk about the Fine-Tuning of the Universe, Objective Morality, and the Evidence for God

Christian apologist Sean McDowell and skeptic Michael Shermer discuss whether theism or atheism better explains morality and the universe. McDowell is a great communicator and the videos are a good introduction to the issues involved in the debate. The conversation was hosted by Cross Examination, a show produced by The Salvation Army to stimulate thinking […]

Ravi Zacharias on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

The theme at the Ligonier National Conference conference this year was standing for the truth of God’s Word. At the conference, Ravi Zacharias gave a message on the resurrection, discussing it’s context, why it matters, and what it means for us today. You can listen or view the rest of the conference talks at Ligonier.org.

Ten Basic Facts about the New Testament Canon Every Christian Should Memorize

Michael J. Kruger (President and Professor of New Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, North Carolina) has began a series to help believers better understand their New Testament and hopefully correct a pattern he has witnessed in recent times: Almost every couple of years it happens.  Usually it occurs around Christmas or Easter.   And […]

The Complete Video Archive of the Reasonable Faith UK Tour

The full video archive of Dr William Lane Craig’s speaking engagements from the Reasonable Faith UK Tour has been posted on YouTube. Every debate, lecture, Q&A session, and conference discussion is online and presented in chronological order. That’s almost twenty hours of solid apologetic content. View the playlist here.

Auckland Event Series: Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

Billions profess to believe in the historical existence, death, and supernatural resurrection of Jesus.  Should such claims be believed on “blind faith” or are there good reasons for believing the resurrection is the most fantastic fact of history? In July and August, The Upper Room is organizing a series of events on the evidence for […]

Does God Exist? Lenny Esposito vs Richard Carrier

Come to Reason Ministries have posted the audio from the debate between apologist Lenny Esposito and atheist Richard Carrier: [pk_icon_text icon=”download” icon_type=”dark”] Part 1 [pk_icon_text icon=”download” icon_type=”dark”]Part 2 (If you’re having trouble accessing the audio, you may need to like the Come to Reason Facebook page). The exchange took place on Wednesday, May 23, at […]