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The Cambridge Union Society Debate: Is God a Delusion?

William Lane Craig and Peter S. Williams contend for the motion, “This House Believes that God is not a Delusion”. Arif Ahmed and Andrew Copson argue against the motion. The debate took place at the Cambridge Union Society on 20th October 2011, as a part of Craig’s Reasonable Faith 2011 UK Tour. HT: Brian Auten

Defending the Historical Credibility of the Gospels and Acts

In a talk originally presented to the Reasonable Faith chapter in Belfast, Timothy McGrew, Professor of Philosophy at Western Michigan University, explores five tests for the historicity of ancient works and applies these to the Gospels and the book of Acts. Download the audio here and the powerpoint slides here. Source: Brian Auten

An Interview with Alvin Plantinga

This week, influential Christian philosopher Alvin Plantinga talks to Brian Auten from Apologetics315. They discuss Plantinga’s journey into philosophy, neglected arguments for the existence of God, the role of arguments, and more. Get the audio here.

Video and Audio: Ahmanson Lectures on the Reliability of the Bible

The Ahmanson Lecture Series is an annual apologetics seminar held at Saddleback Church in Southern California. This year’s topic was the trustworthiness of the Bible, with a great lineup of guests speakers including Sean McDowell, Paige Patterson, Frank Turek, and Douglas R. Groothuis. I’ve embedded the video from the talks below. If you’re having trouble […]

J.P. Moreland Defends the Argument from Consciousness

In this video, Christian philosopher J. P. Moreland responds to Graham Oppy’s criticisms of the argument for God’s existence from consciousness. Moreland discusses challenges to three forms of the argument and interacts with Oppy’s claims about theism, consciousness and emergent chemical properties. The talk was delivered at the recent 63rd Annual Meeting of the Evangelical […]

An Interview with William Lane Craig

Stoic TV, the student television station at Imperial College, recently interviewed the Christian philosopher during his October visit to the UK. In the discussion, Craig talks about his journey into philosophy, whether his arguments leave any room for faith, if he enjoys writing, the purpose behind his speaking tours, and more. [pk_image image=”http://thinkingmatters.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Untitled-1.jpg” w=”600″ align=”center” image_style=”16/9″ […]

New Online Store for ID Resources: idFilms

A new online store has launched for those in New Zealand and Australia, aimed at providing a dedicated home for quality DVDs about Intelligent Design. idFilms was established to invigorate and expand the ID discussion by supporting those who are committed to investigating the origins of life and the universe. The store already houses a […]

Albert Mohler and Jim Wallis Debate Social Justice and the Mission of the Church

On October 27, Albert Mohler and Jim Wallis debated the question “Is Social Justice an Essential Part of the Mission of the Church?”. If you missed the live webcast, the Henry Center has posted the media from the event: [pk_icon_link icon=”read_post” icon_type=”dark”]Audio[/pk_icon_link] [pk_icon_link icon=”read_post” icon_type=”dark”]Video[/pk_icon_link] In the exchange, Wallis, president and CEO of Sojourners, argued […]

Women and Apologetics

While it is exciting to see the contemporary resurgence of apologetics in the academy and among our youth, it is worth pondering which segments of society remain neglected and what we can do to promote and support the practice of apologetics in these areas. Given this, it’s encouraging to see that Brian Auten is this […]

New Book: Simply Jesus by N.T. Wright

Whatever your views on his theology, it’s hard to deny the fact that N.T. Wright presents theology in a gripping and fascinating way. Whether he is addressing the nature of heaven in Surprised by Hope or the attractiveness of the Christian life in Simply Christian, Wright finds it impossible to write a boring sentence. One of […]