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Finding God at Oxford

Carolyn Weber talks to Trevin Wax about her new book Surprised by Oxford, a memoir describing how she became a Christian during her time at Oxford University.

The Value of Doubt

[pk_box width=”600″ align=”” text_align=””]”One of the most interesting findings from that pilot project was the importance of doubt in a student’s faith maturity. The more college students felt that they had the opportunity to express their doubt while they were in high school, the higher levels of faith maturity and spiritual maturity [they had in […]

Christopher Hitchens, Atheism, and Evil

Douglas Wilson, writing at The Gospel Coalition, discusses Christopher Hitchen’s recent Slate article on 9/11: [pk_box width=”600″ align=”none” text_align=””]All this is Hitchens doing what Hitchens does best, and he does it for most of his article. And then, fulfilling the promise of the title (“Simply Evil”), he veers into incoherence at the very end when […]

Reconciling the God of Love with the God of Genocide?

David T. Lamb, author of God Behaving Badly: Is the God of the Old Testament Angry, Sexist and Racist?, has written an article in the September/October issue of Relevant on the alleged incompatibility of the Old Testament wars and the Christian God. He shows why two common responses fail to resolve the problem (one offered by […]

An Open Letter to First-Year University Students

Timothy Dalrymple offers some excellent advice to students entering university study: 1. Seek wisdom, not merely intelligence. 2. Seek mentors, not merely teachers. 3. Seek the truth, not merely prevailing opinion. 4. Seek answers, not merely questions. 5. Seek betterment, not merely achievement. 6. Seek fellowship, not merely friends. 7. Finally, seek first the kingdom […]

Why Did Scientific Inquiry Fail in the Arabic World?

By the thirteenth century, Arabic science was the most advanced in the world. Advances in optics, astronomy, medicine, architecture, and more had brought a golden age of science and technology. Today, however, the scientific contribution of Muslim countries pales in comparison. Since 1901, only two scientists from Muslim countries have won Nobel Prizes in science. […]

Five Reasons To Study Church History

James Detrich: 1. It helps us to provide a more reasonable account of what we believe. 2. It reminds us of the community of faith. 3. It helps us to understand which beliefs are central to our faith. 4. It assists us in interpreting the Bible. 5. It demonstrates that God is working through and […]

The Incompatibility of Anti-intellectualism and the Fullness of the Spirit

[pk_box width=”600″]”The fact that Jesus called the Holy Spirit ‘the Spirit of truth,’ and gave such a prominent place to his teaching ministry, is of great importance in the anti-intellectual cultures of the world. I do not hesitate to say that anti-intellectualism and the fullness of the Spirit are mutually incompatible, because the Spirit with […]

R.C. Sproul on the Holiness of God

R. C. Sproul’s 1985 book The Holiness of God is considered a modern classic on the topic of God’s character. Even today, Sproul’s thoughts on holiness contain important insights into a subject that can often seem distant and hard to comprehend. While no attribute of God can be neglected without cost, the Biblical portrait of […]