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The Definition Game!

Modern Western Science is an enterprise that was heavily motivated and influenced by Christian thinkers at the time of its birth. However, the initial success of science soon led to scientism where nonbelievers and even many naive Christians tried to explain everything, material as well as immaterial, by physical sciences and physical sciences alone.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics

Since heat is one of the most common forms of energy in the Universe, and since its action can be seen on bodies everywhere, the science of thermo-dynamics (heat-motion) received very early development in physics. Entropy is a mathematical measure of disorder. This means that any work in the Universe results in a net increase […]

Abiogenesis — Where is the Evidence?

It has been great contributing posts on this blog. It has also been great to interact with a number of people who do not subscribe to the creation model of the Universe. However, within a short period of time it has become clear that most of them have not done their homework. According to the […]

Disappointed Again !!

When I wrote to the effect that Abiogenesis (genesis of living thins from the nonliving) is not a fact of science, many anti-creationist visitors of this blog asked me to read certain books. They claimed that these books demonstrated how abiogenesis was possible in the face of the second law of thermodynamics. I Felt Cheated. […]

I Felt Cheated!!

[Book Review] Many of my readers who are opposed to the doctrine of Creation often throw around names of books and research papers in their comments here to establish their points. However, what results from it is often very amusing and also telling!! When I mentioned how the Second Law of Thermodynamics negated Abiogenesis, a […]

The Angry Scientist!!

I won a scholarship in 1981 to attend a special Christian journalism training in Singapore. About 40 sponsored candidates were brought from all over the world to attend this training. Each person was supposed to send much in advance the outline, plus the first chapter in full, of a proposed book in one’s area of […]

Bias, Prejudice, and Cheating in Science!!

The word “Science” evokes God-like respect for many people, more because the advances of “technology” have blurred what people should know about “science” and the scientific establishment. This awe for science is often exploited by the so-called rationalists for intimidating Christians, particularly those who are passing through doubts about the Bible and their faith. Christians […]

The Creative Power of Nothingness!!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I had lost my faith by the time I reached the School senior years. Since my greatest ambition at that time was to become a scientist, I devoted all my free time to reading science books — any science book on which I could lay my hand. I […]

He Came To Disprove God!

Several years ago a smart-looking young boy came to me and said, "Sir I am an Engineering College student. I have been reading the Bible for some time and have come to you to argue that  that God does not exist. I heard you are an apologist, and also a physicist, so you and I […]

How To Oppose Reason!!

I have so far made only 3 posts on this blog, and this is only the fourth one, but the experience has been great! It is no different from what I have been facing all my life. I started the first public presentation sometimes around 1971 after I read “Bible and Modern Science” by Henry […]

My Atheist Professor And Evolution!

I became interested in Christian Apologetics when I was a college student. Actually I had lost my faith by the time I reached school senior years, and wanted to know the truth. That is the time when someone gave me a copy of Bible and Modern Science by Dr. Henry M. Morris. From there it […]

Cracks In The Edifice: A Follow Up

I am thankful to Ian who posted a lengthy response to my post Cracks In The Edifice. I am basically an empiricist because of my scientific training, and comments/questions at the empirical plane are always welcome. They help both sides to think clearly on issues they had not considered before. In my post I made […]