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100 Christian Apologists up @ Apologetics 315

Congrats Brian, what an awesome job.  Let’s hope and pray that we can increase that number 10-fold through your work at Apologetics 315, and ours here at Thinking Matters! Check it out here… http://apologetics315.blogspot.com/2009/06/100-christian-apologists.html

William Lane Craig in Israel

I went to Israel about 10 years ago, and so it brings back many memories as I look through some of the photos the Craig’s have provided from their recent trip. Enjoy a few of their photos in this photo slideshow. Israel indeed has many stunning and very beautiful things to see. You can read […]

Wilberforce Forum – Intelligent Design and Darwinism

MP3 Interview with leading Intelligent Design proponent Dr. Stephen Meyer here. “The inaugural radio Forum will be Sunday, May 30, 2009 featuring Dr. Stephen C. Meyer, Director and Senior Fellow of the Center for Renewal of Science and Culture, the Discovery Institute, Seattle, Washington. He demonstrates that the digital code imbedded in DNA points to […]

NZ Preaching Conference

Towards a Kiwi-Made Preaching I heard today that there has recently been a large preaching conference held in Auckland, NZ. I am informed that about 200 people attended. Here is the guy who I think may have organized it: Check out a picture of the brochure here. The registration form is at this address (MS […]

Sir Harry Kroto, Science and Faith

Today I had the pleasure of attending three events with Nobel prize winning chemist Sir Harry Kroto. Sir Harry is an atheist with a Jewish father, and a friend of Richard Dawkins. He is not afraid to talk about religion as evidenced during his recent interview with Kim Hill and by numerous remarks during the sessions today.

Frustration with USA shipping

I have on various occasions wanted to purchase products from the USA but have found that either New Zealand is not on the list of shipping destinations, or the price of shipping is simply out of this world. Today I came across another such case.