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Jesse Kilgore commits suicide after reading Dawkins

This episode of ID the Future (MP3 here) tells the story of Jesse Kilgore, a college student whose loss of faith and subsequent suicide has been linked to his biology class and Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion. After his professor challenged him to read the anti-theistic book and rule out the possibility of God’s existence in light of the evidence for evolution, Jesse experienced a crisis of faith. Now his father is arguing for academic freedom for intelligent design and critiques of Darwin’s theory.

Theistic Critiques Of Atheism

William Lane Craig
As vanguards of a new philosophical paradigm, theistic philosophers have freely issued various critiques of atheism. In so short a space as this entry it is impossible to do little more than sketch some of them and to provide direction for further reading. These critiques could be grouped under two basic heads: (1) There are no cogent arguments on behalf of atheism, and (2) There are cogent arguments on behalf of theism.

Kiwi kids behind Kazakhstan in science

From the article: “An international study shows New Zealand year 5 pupils are doing worse in maths and science than children in more than half the other 36 countries surveyed.”

Why is this happening? I think there are probably numerous reasons, none of which provide sufficient reason alone. I will post a list of my reasons tonight.

Dembski and McDowell on Intelligent Design

This 90-minute talk on Intelligent Design by Sean McDowell and William Dembski was to a lay audience of 500. It is based on their new book “Understanding Intelligent Design – Everything you need to know in plain language”.

Nihilism letter to Massey Uni "Chaff"

In my youth, the understanding I had of the world was that everything was ultimately meaningless. I mocked the religious kids at school for believing in a god, for Darwin had shown there was no need for such a creation of our minds. I also understood where this thinking lead to.