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Gary Habermas vs. Infidel Guy

Gary Habermas is considered by many to be the foremost expert on the historicity of Jesus and the events surrounding His resurrection. On September 11th he has a friendly discussion with radio host Reggie Finley, recorded and broadcast on the net for The Infidel Guy, the worlds largest atheist online community.  You can download just the audio here […]

Answering Objections to 'The Argument from Evolution' Part 2

Answering the objections to the article “Argument from Evolution,” (4) the illegitimate use of probability calculations to substantiate fault in evolutionary models; (5) the illegitimate use of the second law of thermodynamics and (6) that these improbability calculations should equally apply to creation models.

Answering Objections to 'The Argument from Evolution' Part 1

Answering the objections of the article “Argument from Evolution” (1) being anti-evolution; (2) upholding a ‘web of lies’ by citing ‘bulling’ tactics from evolutionists that curtail of the freedom of inquiry; (3) The illegitimate use of a quotation by Stephen J Gould that speaks of a lack of transitional forms in the fossil record;

Science, God and the Bible

A follow-up answering some criticisms of “The Argument from Evolution” article, and the charge that the Bible offers nothing scientifically relevant. The refutation is threefold. There is discussion on how the Christian worldview has benefited science; the motivation for Christians pursuit of truth in science; and the discoveries in science that the Bible anticipated.

The Merits of Intelligent Design

A follow-up answering some criticisms of “The Argument from Evolution” article. These include defending Premise 1-1: If evolution is true it requires a divine miracle; explaining there is no need for an explanation of the explanation; the science of Intelligent Design and its predictions; and broadly defending the criticisms of religious texts.

The Argument from Evolution

An analysis of the atheistic argument from evolution, including four criticisms of evolution as well as a close look at the assertion that evolution implies that God does not exist. An exploration of the more cautious argument that evolution is more likely given naturalism rather than theism, which leads to a startling conclusion.