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The Jesus of History: An Introduction (Part 1)

The scandal of Christianity is that it is a religion grounded in historical events, which if they can be demonstrated to be false, would empty it of meaning and all power. Chief among those historical events is the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. I begin this ten part series with a goal in mind: to establish the description of the person of Jesus of Nazareth in the gospel narratives as truly historical. Part One of this series is a short introduction.

Simultaneous Causation

An objection often raised against the Kalam Cosmological Argument is that there cannot be a cause of the universe because there were no prior instants of time before t = 0 in the initial Big Bang singularity. Stuart explains simultaneous causation and offers a response.

What does Atheism really mean?

Atheism has traditionally been defined as the belief that God does not exist. In recent years there has re-defining of the term to be merely a “psychological state of being without a belief in God.” Has the so-called Atheist really escaped the need to make arguments to justify their position?

Vernon C. Grounds on Jesus of Nazareth

Jesus of Nazareth, without money and arms, conquered more millions than Alexander, Caesar, Mohammed and Napoleon; without science and learning, He shed more light on things human and divine, than all the philosophers and scholars combined…