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This months Bragging Rights Award goes to Matthew Flannagan

In the April Newsletter of Reasonable Faith, William Lane Craig acknowledges the valuable assistance that Matt Flannagan provided Craig in his preparation for his debate with Michael Tooley. It’s great to see Matt getting some well-deserved recognition for his philosophical work. We’re enormously pleased for him.

Meditation in a Toolshed

Does being a Christian forever disqualify you as an appropriate authority on the truth of Christianity? If I wanted a true account of the Christian religion, would I do better to try see things as a Christian, or as a fair-minded secular religious studies professor? C. S. Lewis provides a helpful illustration in “Meditation in a Toolshed”

Brian Bruce on CloseUp: Not close enough

Mike Hosking interviewed Brian Bruce on CloseUp this Easter Friday for 10 minutes on the question Who killed Jesus, and why? Bishop Patrick Dunne, head of the Catholic Church in Auckland was there to represent “a more orthodox view.” How did Brian Bruce’s arguments stack up?

Chalcedonian Definition

The Council of Chalcedon in 451 A.D. marked what is considered to be the zenith of the early church’s christological speculation. It was formulated against the backdrop of nearly four centuries of controversy regarding the person of Christ. The following is defending the definition against the charge that it is difficult to understand.

The Anthropological Argument: Part 1

An Anthropological Argument for God’s existence is any argument which begins with man and ends with God as an explanation. In this post I shall briefly summarise examples of popular anthropological arguments and how they have been employed through the centuries.

Euthyphro’s Problem

In Plato’s Dialogue Euthyphro there appears a problem often put to the defender of Divine Command Theory of Ethics. Here the problem is presented, followed by a brief explanation as to why this problem is not a problem.

Look But Don't Touch

A critique of BBC documentary Look But Don’t Touch featuring Alesha Dixon, on the cultural and emotional effects of the beauty and fashion industries practice of portraying only idealised pictures. With some reflections on the problems and true solution made available by Christian doctrine.