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Christian Pioneers of Modern Science

W. R. Miller has complied a fine list of quotes and resources to emphasize the point that many of the greatest scientists in history were Christians or had Biblical presuppositions. Also that for most of these, their faith was the driving force behind their discoveries, and true self-sustaining modern science (not just engineering, logic or mathematics) was born within a Christian society.

Are Faith and knowledge functionally opposite?

Greg Koukl of apologetics ministry Stand to Reason writes, In an odd sort of way, Christians have abetted atheists in their efforts to cast doubt and even derision on believers. Here’s how. Atheists have tremendous confidence that science will continue its record of silencing superstition. As knowledge waxes, foolishness wanes. Consequently, there’s no need for […]

Atheistic Moral Platonism

There is an objection to the moral argument for God’s existence, specifically the premise which states the best explanation for the foundation for objective moral values and duties is God. It is the idea that moral values and duties can be plausibly anchored in some transcendent, non-theistic ground. That moral values and duties exist objectively, but as brute facts, not needing an explanation for their existence. They are sort of eternal unchanging ideas that are necessary features of the universe. This position we shall call Atheistic Moral Platonism, and there are three ways we could respond.

Is Human Flourishing Good Enough?

“Good and bad are determined by what adds or subtracts to human flourishing.” This is a common retort for those who want to hold that moral values and duties are more that subjective and yet remain natural. If this was the case then morality would be objective as a standard that transcends personal feelings and opinion is provided. However, I submit this foundation is inadequate for four reasons.