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Former Buddhist Speaks Out

A testimony from Peter Thein Nyunt, a former Buddhist’s apprentice who was recently in New Zealand with the Langham Partnership. The view from the inside of this religion and supposedly superior ethical system from this native from Myanmar (formerly Burma) about Buddhism is illuminating.

Thinking Matters Auckland 001

  Thinking Matters is proud to present the very first of Thinking Matters Auckland. The details of what this is and how this event will be run follows. Big thanks go to Madeline Flannagan for orchestrating and managing the event. Make sure you mark this in your calendar. What: Dr Steve Kumar speaking on Faith and Reason When: Tuesday, 17th March […]

Symposium on science and religion in the 21st Century

Auckland University School of Theology is hosting a symposium on Science and religion in the 21st Century: faith in science, science in faith with Professor Robert White FRS, Professor of Geophysics, University of Cambridge. Saturday 14 March 2009, 8.30am-6pm.

Miracles in Apologetics Part 2

I have long thought that a miracle can be an apologetic. It was one of the chief ways that God authenticated His word and His revelation. Today, with the resurgence of our awareness of miracles, it is important we think about how the testimony of miracles sounds to unbelievers, particularly those who are sceptical and philosophically opposed to Christianity and belief in God.

In order to develop an apologetic for God’s existence that reduces the opportunity for scepticism, based upon the testimony of miracles, I suggest that a miracle X meets the following criteria.

Miracles in Apologetics Part 1

I am deeply concerned about a perceived attitude accompanying our rising awareness that miracles are a part of the normal Christian life. The danger in the resurgence of the miraculous, especially in so-called “healing-evangelism”, is an outlook that says all we need to prove God’s existence, and solve all our apologetic needs, is to believe, pray for a miracle, and let God do the rest.

Russell’s Teapot

The following is taken from a friendly email that was discussing the evidence for the existence of God. The presumption of atheism and the case for God’s existence is discussed with respect to the Bertrand Russell’s famous teapot objection.