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The "god-of-the-gaps" argument

The god-of-the-gaps argument is used most often as an objection to the arguments of natural theology advanced by philosophers and theologians who explain the gaps in scientific knowledge as specific acts of God. It is a variant of the argument from ignorance which is a logical informal fallacy. But there are some consideration which blunt the force of the objection.

Global Warming a New Religion

If the Global Warming cultural phenomenon is not sustained by science, the question is what is sustaining it? Why has it gathered so much momentum? Some suggestions are made. As a case study of the interaction between science and religion, it is very interesting. Some further resources are given.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – a Christian novel?

The furor over J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series in Christian circles is now a cause for shame-faced admissions of mistake. One is reminded of a similar stir caused by the release of C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia series, seen then to be an advertisement for the occult and guilty of leading children astray. While many were crying foul, others were convinced that Rowling was writing from within the Christian worldview. With Rowling revealing herself a Christian after the release of the seventh book, perhaps it is time to cede her the award for the greatest Christian fiction novel ever written.

Hitler and the Atheistic detractor of Hell

Another conversation sparked by Rob’s excellent video entitled “Atheists should not criticize Hitler” on YouTube. Thank you Rob! Here BarryLeder asks a hairy question about the morality of a God who would send people to hell. The axioloigcal argument is defended as well as the doctrine of hell.

Response to the SaviorOfLogic

SaviorOfLogic from YouTube asked a hairy question on the comment of the video; “Atheists should not criticize Hitler.” It was, “What if God forbid’s murder, but then commands you to kill (such as in the promised land), is killing or not killing them the moral action?” Here is the promised response, talking about Divine Command Theory, Euthyphro, and problem of atrocities committed in the old testament, specifically the Conquest of Canaan.