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Do Christians and Muslims love the same God?

A panel discussion at the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) Annual Meeting explores the common ground between Islam and Christianity. John Piper and Albert Mohler argue that while dialogue can occur, Muslims do not love and worship the God of the Bible.

Glenn Sunshine on ‘What is a Worldview?’

Glenn S. Sunshine, the author of Why You Think the Way You Do: The Story of Western Worldviews from Rome to Home, explains what a worldview is (Source: The Koinonia Blog).

Book review of Sola Scriptura: The Protestant Position on the Bible

Nathan Pitchford has just written a review of the book, Sola Scriptura, released by Reformation Trust. Edited by Don Kistler, the book features several essays by prominent evangelical authors such as Joel Beeke, R. C. Sproul, Sinclair Ferguson, and James White, defending and explaining the sufficiency of Scripture.

Pocket Dictionary of Apologetics & Philosophy of Religion

From the publisher:

Pocket Dictionary of Apologetics & Philosophy of Religion by C Stephen Evans

“For philosophers, the pursuit of truth travels on precise definitions. For Christian apologists, the defense of the faith is founded on the defining Word. And for beginning students of either discipline, the difference between success and frustration begins with understanding the terms and ideas and identifying the thinkers and movements. It is in this spirit that C. Stephen Evans offers The Pocket Dictionary of Apologetics and Philosophy of Religion, a quick reference guide to 300 terms and thinkers related to apologetics and the philosophy of religion.

With clear, concise definitions, this little book will likely become an invaluable research tool. It defines philosophical and religious terms, ranging from a posteriori and a priori to worldview and worship. You also get brief biographies of thinkers like Peter Abelard, Aristotle, Augustine, Plato, Alfred North Whitehead, Ludwig Wittgenstein, and others. In addition, there are short descriptions of some major and minor religious systems, including Buddhism, Confucianism, and Wicca, along with descriptions of many religious movements like Arminianism and Puritanism. Plus, several major apologetic arguments from cosmology, natural theology, and other sources are described.

If it is related to apologetics or the philosophy of religion, you will find it in The Pocket Dictionary of Apologetics and Philosophy of Religion. The strength of the definitions is brevity, but they are accurate and reliable, functioning as first steps in probing the issues further. Students of all levels will find this book a useful resource, either as an introduction or as a quick reminder of the basics of a particular position, movement or person.”

Download the preface and sample pages.

You can buy this book in NZ here.

Apologetics on the iphone

Here is some good news from MDL Associates concerning technological advances in the availability of apologetics. On 10 September, 2009 “ApApp Christian Apologetics” was launched. If you ever been stumped when talking to your friends, it used to be you had to say “I don’t know. I’ll have to get back to you on that one…” No longer! Just pull up your iphone or itouch to quickly do some research on those tricky question.

Here is the story in their own words;

Greetings! As you are undoubtedly aware, apologetics is as important now as ever. Well, as the TV commercial says: “There’s an app for that.” My husband Mitchell Maynard had the inspiration to build the first smartphone app for Christian apologists.

I am contacting non-denominational churches and organizations like yours with the news that ‘ApApp Christian Apologetics’ is now available for the iPhone and iPod touch. We made the ‘ApApp’ to be an easy reference that answers common questions or objections and educates you about other beliefs – all while learning what the Bible has to say about each topic.

Perhaps in your Youth Ministry are those who would find this app useful?

Anyone interested in downloading this app can search Apple’s App Store or see all the details at the web site, Of course, if you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me.

Thanks and God Bless!

Best regards,

Dorice A Maynard
MDL Associates, LLC
PO Box 141
Orange, CA 92856 USA

The application is basically a file cabinet of apologetics issues from a evangelical Christian perspective, “without any denominational dogma.” It is divided into three broad categories. Each category have brief articles that follow the same pattern; (i) what the Bible has to say, (ii) a commentary, and (iii) a URL link to a resource on the web. Some of the summaries suffer from their short length and simplistic, superficial probing of the issue, and there are plenty of topics that are missing. A list of what they do have is appended bellow. Nevertheless, if your willing to fork out about NZ $2.50 and don’t mind sifting through a little fundamentalist religious dogmatism at times, I recommend it.

1) Faith and Religions
Christian Science
Jehovah’s Witness
Mormon/Latter-Day Saints

2) Religious Figures
Adam and Eve
Jesus Christ
Joseph Smith
Mary, Mother of Jesus
Paul the Apostle/Saul

3) Religious Issues
Bible Inerrancy
Capital Punishment/War
Evolution vs. Creation
Resurrection of Christ
Sickness and Suffering