'Reasons We Believe' by Nathan Busenitz

50 lines of evidence that confirm the Christian faith

“Nathan Busenitz shows how God’s Word convincingly defends its own truth claims and then demonstrates how those claims are also confirmed by extra-biblical sources. Thoroughly biblical and meticulously researched, yet readily accessible and straightforward, Reasons We Believe belongs on every Christian bookshelf, whether you are looking to be equipped for evangelism or simply encouraged in the faith.”
John MacArthur (from the foreword)

“We live in a day when the new atheism tells us that ‘religion poisons everything’ and that ‘God is not good’ and when authors prostitute their scholarship to become rich on sensationalist books about so-called ‘lost Christianities’ and ‘lost Scriptures’. In the midst of this stench, Nate Busenitz’s sane and sound treatment of Christian evidences comes as a breath of fresh air.”
William Varner, Professor of Biblical Studies, The Master’s College

“That the Christian faith clearly stands head and shoulders above all other religions of all time is laid out by the author in a compelling fashion. Explanations from the reasons given will prove to be richly nourishing for the heart and mind of the believer, yet will also serve to challenge forthrightly the unbeliever.”
Trevor Craigen, Professor of Theology, The Master’s Seminary