Confident Christianity Conference Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE: We will be updating this page as needed with more information.  If you have a question about the conference that isn’t answered here – please email us on

Are there group discounts available?

YES!  We want to reward you for getting a large group together!  So if you buy 6 tickets you can get another 2 tickets free (25% discount).  Or buy 10 tickets and get 5 more free (33% discount).  To redeem this offer – place and pay for your order as per normal. Then drop us an email telling us about your bulk order – then we will adjust your ticket quantity to include your free tickets and let you know we have done this.  Note if your bulk tickets are a mixture of both Adult and Youth/Student tickets – then your free tickets will be the same mixture (e.g.: Buy 3 Adult and 3 Youth tickets and we will give you an extra one of each).  Email us if you have any questions.

Do I need to bring a ticket or my receipt?

No.  The registration process involves you giving us your personal details which we will use to identify you on the day.  Simply come to the Welcome Desk on arrival and you will be issued with a conference program and wrist-band that will give you access to the conference.

Who qualifies for the Student/Youth/Pensioner prices?

  • Youth: Includes anyone 18 or under. 
  • Students: Anyone enrolled in a tertiary or post-graduate program who can produce a student ID on the day of the conference.  No Student ID on the day – sorry no admission.
  • Pensioner: You will have to show your Gold Card at the welcome desk on arrival.

Is there a special price for beneficiaries?

Our ticket pricing only allows for us to break-even on all conference costs – but if you are also on a particularly tight budget then drop us an email explaining your circumstances and we’ll see what we can do.

What about sponsored tickets?

We hope a small number of our key supporters will purchase some extra tickets for those who simply cannot afford to join us.  Please drop us an email explaining your circumstances if you would like to apply for this.  We can’t promise anything – so please also pray for provision in this.

Why is Friday night free?

We want to give people a teaser of what Saturday will be like by having our most popular speakers give the Friday night messages.  The Friday night message is especially seeker-friendly with a gospel focus – so come and check us out – and bring some friends!  But arrive early as we have limited seating and if we exceed capacity then we could be forced to turn latecomers away!

What is the format for the conference?

Our main speakers will speak at the start and end of the conference in the main auditorium.  But most of the talks will run simultaneously over three or more rooms and you will have to choose which talks you want to attend.  We will aim to have a final schedule of talks published here two weeks before the conference.

Will all the speakers be presenting in all cities?

No – unfortunately some of our speakers are not able to attend all venues.  We are working on this and will have details of which speakers will be present at which conference when we publish the conference schedule two weeks out from the conference.

Will the talks be recorded?

We will attempt (subject to technical issues) to film or audio-record some of the talks and make them available afterwards on a USB stick.  However this is arranged by volunteers so technical glitches can happen – so please don’t be upset if you find your favourite talk is unavailable for some reason. 

What will lunch consist of?

A filled roll (ham or chicken), something sweet (cake/slice) and a piece of fruit.  Tea and Coffee will also be served throughout the day.  There is no cash-option for lunch on-site – but there are cafe’s within a few blocks of all our venues.

Is there a Gluten Free option for lunch?

We are working with our caterers to offer a gluten free option on the day – however this option will not be available for those who order later than one week before the conference (as this is when we need to give numbers to our caterer).

Where are the women speakers?

We are pleased to have a growing number of women speakers joining us this year – including our keynote speaker for the Auckland and Christchurch conference!  If you have any recommendations for New Zealand female Christian apologists – please email us and let us know.

I can’t make it anymore, can I get a refund?

In the first instance we would suggest giving your ticket to someone else – they will just need to use your name to get the ticket from the registration desk on the Friday Night. They will also need to meet the minimum class of ticket purchased, e.g. Pensioner, Youth, Student, though a student, youth or pensioner can use an adult ticket.

Should you need to cancel a conference or event registration for any reason, a refund will be made less an administration charge of $15, provided notification is received 7 DAYS PRIOR TO the conference start date. After that date no refunds will be made.

Please make your request for a refund to