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Reasons for Faith is a monthly Thinking Matters gathering. We explore topics that are directly relevant to fulfilling the call of 1 Peter 3:15-16, which says:

In your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.

 Apologetics can sometimes be a bit heavy duty but our aim is to be intensely practical and to make the presentations and discussions suitable for people who have a beating heart for the gospel and who want to grow their understanding specifically in the area of secular challenges to Christian faith.

We make arguments, but we are not argumentative.

It is tremendously faith-building to discover just how strong the arguments for biblical Christianity really are. The apostle Peter encourages us to always be prepared to give an answer regarding the reason for our hope in Christ. In these monthly meetings we will discuss and learn many such answers.


Secular Or Religious: Which Takes More Faith?

Some people say science has made belief in God unnecessary. Responding to this John Lennox wrote: “…I try to untangle the many assumptions, misunderstandings, and half-truths that have been absorbed uncritically from the cultural soup we swim in.” In this month’s talk, Gerald Broome will explore some of these problems and offer solutions to win a hearing for the gospel among those who are confidently secular. For many, it’s a genuine surprise to discover there could be any serious evidence at all to support Christian belief. Come and join the discussion.



As well as the Ministry Development Coordinator for Thinking Matters Waikato, Gerald is the founder and coordinator of Reasons for Faith Hamilton.


Questions & Answers

This month at Reasons for Faith we will have five speakers giving presentations on a wide range of topics. There will be three short talks, two of which will address different aspects of Darwinism, and the third talk is a response to the old question: “If God made everything, who made God?” Another presentation on the night will explore the role of reason in the Christian life – do we just need faith alone? And on the subject of faith, our main talk will be, “Can Faith and Doubt Coexist?”



As well as the Ministry Development Coordinator for Thinking Matters Waikato, Gerald is the founder and coordinator of Reasons for Faith Hamilton. 

Christianity or New Age: The Quest for the True Answers for Life

The New Age movement covers a lot of territory spiritually.

It can reach to embrace the dark side of the occult like Wicca, witchcraft, and even Satanism. It can also reach to embrace things like success seminars and positive thinking teachings that incorporate certain New Age principles.

It is generally a movement within our society based on a humanistic (man-centered) approach to the revelation of who we are and what our destiny is.

Originally, the term “New Age” stems from a belief in an astrological age called the ‘Age of Aquarius’ (an age of spiritual enlightenment and harmony on the planet). Most New Agers subscribe in some way to the idea that we are transitioning into a new era during which drastic, positive, spiritual changes will soon take place on our planet. The belief is, this will culminate in a much higher level of consciousness and spiritual atmosphere for the inhabitants of this world.

This month we welcome Aaron Brett to Reasons for Faith Hamilton, to help us counter New Age beliefs with the Gospel.


Aaron Brett

Aaron is the Auckland Regional Director for Thinking Matters.

‘Where Our Thinking Leads Us…’

This month our topic is ‘Where Our Thinking Leads Us…’ It’s often been said that ideas have consequences, and in this talk Joe Carvajal will examine some prevalent worldviews and explore where they end up, both in our thinking and in our lives. He will critique them in light of a biblical worldview.


Joe Carvajal

Joe has a Master’s Degree in Divinity from Erskine Theological Seminary, South Carolina. He works for WEC (Worldwide Evangelization for Christ) where he is involved in pastoral care. He has also served as a hospital chaplain in both the USA and New Zealand.

Free Speech, Hate Speech, and the Suppression of Truth

At this Reasons for Faith event we will be screening a video of Brendan Malone addressing the topic of “Free Speech, Hate Speech, and the Suppression of Truth’. We need to protect our rights first to hear both sides of any argument, because this is essential to the pursuit of truth, and also to be able to honestly speak without fear of unreasonable consequences, in accord with the Apostle Paul’s admonition in Ephesians 4:25 to “…speak the truth in love…” Honest self-expression is essential for authentic community, whereas a sad hallmark of cults and some regimes, is the fact that they control speech.

7 pm, Monday 22nd February, at Lighthouse Christian Fellowship, 703 Wairere Drive, Chartwell.

Brendan Malone

Brendan Malone is the Director of LifeNET NZ. He has been working full-time in pro-life, marriage, and family ministry for the last 14 years where he speaks at churches, universities, high schools, and conferences on bioethics and sexuality issues throughout New Zealand and Australia. Brendan is one of the founders of ACTIV8 Pro-Life Training Week – an annual philosophy, apologetics, and media/social-media training event for young adults which has been running for 10 years in New Zealand and over 7 years in Australia. He is married to Katie and they have five children.

Are All Religions Basically The Same?

When we share our faith in an increasingly pluralistic society, we will often meet people of other faiths, or we might encounter people who contend that all religions are the same. Do we know much about other religions besides Christianity? Can we answer with confidence the contention that all religions are basically the same if we are not familiar with the main features of other religions?

Andrew Lim, Pastor of Lighthouse Christian Fellowship, Hamilton, will introduce and compare the basic features of the four main religions of the world: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam. About 77% of the world believes in one of these four religions. They are also the four main religions in New Zealand, besides secularism.

We look forward to seeing you there.

7 pm, Monday 30th November at Lighthouse Christian Fellowship, 703 Wairere Drive, Chartwell.


The Pursuit of Meaning

Human beings seek meaning in their lives, yet, in our postmodern world many find that quest to be confusing and disappointing, often resulting in feelings of hopelessness. There is, however, real meaning to be found – timeless and true, the great I AM, Jesus who is the Truth. If we suffer disenchantment it’s because of shifts in the way we understand the world. Once we recognise these historical shifts and the postmodern thinking that muddles the way, we can then begin the journey back to knowing wonder, beauty, purpose, and hope.

Our speaker will be Jason Knapp, National Youth Advisor for Thinking Matters.

7 pm, Monday 26th October at Lighthouse Christian Fellowship, 703 Wairere Drive, Chartwell.

Jason Knapp

Jason Knapp

Jason is passionate about seeing young people equipped to navigate culture and persuasively share their faith with others. He is a student of psychology & philosophy and is a dynamic communicator who speaks to students across the country at youth ministries, churches, and university campuses.

Jesus the Game Changer

Jesus Christ has made an indelible mark on human history and he continues to do so through his followers. Yet many people do not realise that the values Western democracies are built on originate in the life and teaching of Jesus – the equality of all, servant leadership, care for the poor and marginalised, to name just a few. We will explore the big idea that, with God, everybody matters, and we will view the episode simply titled ‘Equality’, from the Karl Faase DVD series, ‘Jesus the Game Changer’. Jesus taught that each individual had inherent value – they were loved by God and worthy of love and consideration from other people. The focus was shifted from people being viewed only as members of families, castes, cities or communities, to being individuals of worth. These ideas did not originate with the Greek philosophers, but they were taught by Jesus, and he modelled his teaching by the way he interacted with many people who were commonly rejected by others.

7pm, Monday 28th September at Lighthouse Christian Fellowship, 703 Wairere Drive, Chedworth.

Gerald Broom

As well as the Ministry Development Coordinator for Thinking Matters Waikato, Gerald is the founder and coordinator of Reasons for Faith Hamilton & Reasons for Faith Ngaruawahia. 


WHEN: Tuesday, 28th September, 2021

TIME: 7pm – 9pm

WHERE: The Village Church, 10 Martin Lane, Horsham Downs, Hamilton

COST: Free – but we have a donation box

RSVP: None needed – just turn up and bring a friend!


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