Rodney Lake

Rodney Lake

CEO, Board Member, Speaker

Rodney has been involved in growing the Thinking Matters team since its founding in 2008.  He speaks at churches, youth groups, Christian schools and to non-believers at outreach events around the country on the reasons why Christianity is true. He is an adjunct apologetics lecturer at Faith Bible College and also teaches an ‘Introduction to Christianity’ course to non-Christian parents at Bethlehem College and serves on the board of Bethlehem College Limited.  Before working in ministry he was the Founder and Managing Director of a database software development consultancy for 15 years and has a double degree in Marketing Management and Human Resource Management. He is passionate about seeing people loving and seeking God with all their mind, developing a resilient faith that is supported with solid reasons to believe, while confidently and graciously sharing that faith with others. You can view his speaking profile here.

Colin Booth

Colin Booth


Colin Booth (MSc Hons, Dip Tch) is a family man, Christian businessman, investor and Company Director. He works as a Project Manager principally in the commercial and industrial investment market. He has served in a number of church and community organisations, several of them in a governance role – including: Church Elder, Fruit of the Pacific, Pregnancy Choice, Chamber of Commerce Business Mentor and past Board Chair of Bethlehem College. He has a passion to develop a Biblical World View as it relates to all of life, but in particular to business.

David Munn

David MunnBoard Member

David is a lawyer and has been a partner for many years with the Auckland law firm of Gaze Burt which has a strong Christian heritage. David’s legal background has provided him with the opportunity to serve with a distinctly Christian perspective in leadership roles with a number of organisations over the years. These have included areas focused on disadvantaged children in care, marriage and family life, faith in the work place, and State secondary school education. He has a passionate interest in the understanding and application of the biblical worldview to all areas of life and a strong interest in encouraging people at a grass roots level so that young people and parents in particular, may more confidently live out their faith with credibility in the midst of the challenging onslaught of ideas and viewpoints people face today. 

Teri Culpepper

Teri CulpepperBoard Member

Teri has over 40 years’ experience working in the education sector as a teacher, advisor and senior leader. She has worked in primary and secondary schools and was, until recently, Deputy Principal of Bethlehem College in Tauranga. Since retiring she has more time for community service and seeing grandchildren. Knowing herself what it means to walk away from Christianity as a teenager because of unsatisfactory answers to questions, she is now excited to be working with Thinking Matters promoting relevant discourse to inquiring minds.

John Norsworthy

John Norsworthy

Board Member, Secretary

John has taught in secondary and primary schools, and in the tertiary sector, Bible colleges and teacher education for over 45 years. He has served on curriculum committees and professional development in both the state and Christian sectors. He served as secretary to the NZ Association for Christian Schools for twenty years. He has authored three books: Why Culture Matters – A Biblical approach to things cultural also: Educating our Children Faithfully – A history of the NZ Christian School movement and: Why Science Matters – What does the Bible say about things scientific. He currently is an adjunct lecturer at Faith Bible College. He is passionate about the influence of the biblical revelation on all areas of human life.

Brendon Wheeler

Brendon WheelerBoard Member

Brendon is currently teaching Christian Studies and Commerce at Bethlehem College. Previously he was a banker in London and charity worker in Romania. While in London he a spent a number of years on his own journey and came to seriously doubt the premises on which Christianity was built. After a period of scepticism he made the decision to seriously investigate some of the claims of theism and Christianity and was surprised to find a robust system of belief based on reason and logic. Since then Brendon’s interest and participation in the area of apologetics has grown.


Ministry Advisors

The following people are committed to supporting Thinking Matters through advice, mentoring and financially supporting the ministry:

Mark PowellMark Powell – Ministry Advisor, Supporter and Speaker

Mark is perhaps best known as the former CEO of The Warehouse Group (which includes The Warehouse, Warehouse Stationery, Noel Leeming and Torpedo7), who questioned CEO salaries, significantly increased frontline pay with the Career Retailer Wage and took R18 games and DVD’s off the shelves. Mark has a Masters in Christian apologetics from Biola University and a passion for wanting to help Christian’s have a confident faith, where they know not just what they believe, but why they believe it. Mark is an ex-board member for Thinking Matters and was the Director of Ministry Development before leaving to spend more time on his teaching ministry – while remaining an important advisor and supporter of the ministry. You can see his speaking profile here.

Greg FlemingGreg Fleming – Ministry Advisor

Greg is the CEO of The Parenting Place and has more than 20 years of experience in leadership of not-for-profit organisations. He has served as the CEO of the Venn Foundation which he co-founded to provide unique educational opportunities for Christians keen to be involved in social innovation. Greg co-founded and was CEO of the Maxim Institute for 12 years, a public policy think tank which has researched a range of issues including taxation, education, justice and welfare. Greg is also chairman of Compass Foundation Australia, the Founding Chair of Te Whakaora Tangata, and is involved with JH Aotearoa.

Dr Roshan AlpressDr Roshan Allpress – Ministry Advisor

Roshan is the National Principal and Chief Executive of Laidlaw College. He is passionate about helping people better articulate the hope that they have in who Jesus is and what he has done, and about fostering engagement out of this Gospel with every sphere of life. An historian by training, with degrees from Canterbury and Oxford, Roshan has research interests in the origins of philanthropic and humanitarian networks, and the social, intellectual and organisational dynamics of groups who have sought to orchestrate sociocultural reform. Prior to Laidlaw College, Roshan has worked for the Venn Foundation (formerly the Compass Foundation) and for Maxim Institute. He is married with two children, lives in Auckland and provides advice, mentoring and guidance to Thinking Matters.