What is Seeking Truth on Campus

Seeking Truth on Campus provides a forum for Engineering students to engage in open discussions with some of the most difficult and interesting concepts/challenges of the Christian faith, where all opinions are welcomed.

Investigating Christianity from a rational perspective through fruitful dialogue, where all opinions are welcomed.

We are a University of Auckland student club holding debates, lectures and weekly discussions (Fridays 2-3pm, Eng 402-301).


Pub Talk: Tolerating Beliefs: Where do we draw the line?


Provided it doesn’t affect our lives, most of us are happy to tolerate other people’s beliefs, even ones we think are wrong. But people’s religious beliefs do affect the way they live, sometimes in profound ways. There comes a point where people’s beliefs—and the actions that follow from them—can seem so different to our own that we need to push back against them in some way. But where exactly is that point?

How should society deal with various offensive beliefs? Are some beliefs intolerant by nature? Consider just a few positions that some Christians might have – Homosexual activity is sin – Transgenderism is a mental health issue – Abortion is murder/manslaughter – Euthanasia is wrong – Christianity is the correct pursuit of spiritual truth and all others are wrong.

Join us in the Green Room at Shadows Bar, UoA for an interview and open Q&A with Dr Matthew Flannagan on the scope of religious toleration in our modern world, especially of Christianity

About Matt Flannagan

Dr Flannagan received his PhD in Analytic Theology and Ethics from the University of Otago. He is a published Philosopher and Theologian in the areas of Philosophy of Religion, Ethics, and Biblical Studies. His most recent book, co-authored with Paul Copan was “Did God Really Command Genocide?”

Forum: Short Form Interview with Open Q&A

Monday 6th August

6 PM

Shadows Bar – Green Room, Level 3 – 34 Princes Street, UoA

Free but donations for speaker are appreciated

No RSVP Required




WHERE: University of Auckland Eng 402-301

COST: Free

RSVP: None needed


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